Angel Whispers – Impulsive Behavior

Impulsive behavior is on the increase in my world. With the uncertainty brought by the global pandemic, more people seem to be impulsive. Impulsive behavior are actions poorly conceived and without foresight. They can be inappropriate, risky, or premature expressed. Impulsiveness often leads to poor outcomes and regrets. Being an adult is hard and aging isn’t for sissies (tee hee). When I act without forethought, I undermine my goals and my relationships. The one who pays the price is me!

Hot heads and unpredictable people are the most likely to act on an impulsive. Impulsive behavior can suggest energetic instability or a personality disorder. Those with Polarity Reversal (5.3 of the IEL Institute) can self sabotage or self-harm. Lashing out at people or an inappropriate response can be the way a person in trouble copes with life.

Impulsive behavior is often confused with compulsion. A person is aware of their compulsive behavior. You can work to stop abnormal or excessive behavior defined as compulsion. Acting on an impulse usually goes with a lack of self-awareness. There are many factors around this complex issue. Substance abuse, lack of empathy, and even genetics or mutation supports impulsive behavior. Some studies point toward PTSD and trauma as the cause, but no one can be certain. This leads me to the sense that impulsive behavior is energetic. Common themes include inability to receive criticism, threats of harm to self or others, binging, and sudden decisions like quitting a job, starting anew, or canceling plans. Over-spending, over-sharing, overdoing, over-apologizing are also indicators of impulsivity. It’s time to overshare with an angel who whispers on the subject of impulsive behavior:

It has become increasing challenging for humans to maintain equilibrium. The stress levels have brought the human species to a nexus of their own evolution. People are being asked to take responsibility for themselves, their environment, their relationships, and for their environment. Impulsive behavior is the universal message telling you to slow down the pace.

Human conditioning carries the weight of survival due to increase in illness, violence, and social or family system dysfunction. This is where acting responsibly is essential. Mindfulness is the antidote for impulsivity. Healing from the traumas of the past involves facing your challenges. Integrate your history in a way that moves you into higher levels of self actualization. Prioritize your goals by conducting a chain analysis or life inventory.

Modified behavior is accomplished with balance. Motivation supplies the energy of actions that create healthy changes to negative patterns. Awakening to your highest potential is the greatest act of service to humankind. Clear the way to move beyond your concept of self. There is a capacity hidden within waiting for you to expose your most creative expression.

Self love regulates connection. Connection to your heart, your inner light, and your tribe brings recognition to a life of faith. It is in your faith where you will find greater self-awareness illuminating the path to your highest potential.


Bring joy, ease suffering and create beauty, then dance like you mean it!
Blessings, Russell


“There are strings in the human heart that had best not be vibrated.”
― Charles Dickens


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 Angel Whispers – Impulsive Behavior