Angel Whispers – Reimagining Life

I don’t have to look very far to see the hatred and prejudice behind dead land, dead water, and dead air. Covid has opened a portal that allows me to look behind the curtain of creating a new world of possibilities. Yet we seem to be dragginThe pandemic has forced me to take a good look at life in the last few weeks. Part of what I see are all the inequities of our historically closed and exclusive culture. g the old world behind us at the same time.

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We are conditioned to practices that legitimize restricting diversity and hamper systematic change. The result is apathy that distorts reality. Last night, I watched a 7-year-old make fools of almost every adult on the planet. This amazing young man was moved to speak out when he found out a whale was killed by plastic in the ocean. His conclusion was this: “When we hurt the tress, the animals, and the air, aren’t we are destroying ourselves?”

It seems we are standing on a bridge that will determine the fate of humanity. On that bridge a portal has opened that will allow us to see what is possible. But how do we free ourselves from the burdens of the past? How do we reimagine life through the lens of what is possible? How can we agree to be open to new ideas and dismantle the hierarchy of entrenched power? I think the answers lie with those who are guided by the whispers of spirit:

Reform is often forced by conditions created by humans and by nature. Anything outside a narrow vision of what is normal poses a threat to those who resist change. The visionary must accept a certain reality. Change in the world moves slower than the vision of what is possible.

Imagination is the spark of light that propels change. When an inspired vision enters the awareness of one person, others are getting the same download. If the vision inspires change in behavior, others will follow. Change within one group is the catalyst for change on a global scale.

Human evolution is mirrored by the movement of the planets. Change is inevitable in the space between the ages. The heart must speak to what the mind must think for true change to occur. Transformation into alignment with nature will result from the balance of mind and emotions. When the Earth cries, the souls who feel her plea will be asked to take action.

Reimagining life is gazing into the portal while holding space for humanity. Children carry the purity of spirit needed to share any vision for the planet and the people. The future is yet to be determined. There is a destiny that depends on reform. There is also one that carries the consequence of a distorted reality. The pandemic brought greater potential for taking personal responsibility. Now is time to reimagine life and choose the path you will take.

Take a look inside to see your expectations for this next year. Within your heart is the truth of your existence. Are you playing it safe, or are you willing to move beyond the circle of fear? Let love be your compass and the light that illuminates the path.

Bring joy, ease suffering and create beauty, then dance like you mean it!
Blessings, Russell

“Lonely people were not faking their symptoms. Their own bodies were reacting to loneliness at a cellular level, trying to nudge them to make friends and get back into the warm, safe center of the herd.
Barbara Bradley Hagerty


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 Angel Whispers – Reimagining Life