Angel Whispers – Value

Do you find yourself spending time around people who don’t seem to get what you have to offer? Are you always on the defense, trying to prove yourself to this person? Does that type of incredulity make you question your own worth? If the answer is yes, it might help to understand more.

Subjecting yourself to those who don’t give you value may feel safe on some level. What are the signs you are in agreement with those who dismiss, disregard, and abuse? Avoiding conflict could be the number-one reason you stay or don’t speak up for yourself. Do you find yourself justifying their behavior to yourself and others? Is there a list of all the wrong reasons you stay with that person? (tee hee) Sensitive people can lose themselves in this type of unbalanced relationship. You’re giving it all, but the other person doesn’t believe in your value.

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Some part of you may hold a fear of intimacy, to the point of forming a mechanism to protect yourself. This is usually fueled by the residual energy of past experiences. If you allow someone to get too close, they might abandon you, then the cycle of pain continues. Heartbreak carries a physiological response that has been well documented. Nausea, fatigue, stomach pain, heart pain, and numbness are the sign of feeling rejected.

The main issue would be spending a lot of time in that type of environment. You become entrained to the idea you have no value, There goes the self-esteem! Let’s get a whisper on the subject of how to walk away from the belief of others that you have no value:

If you’re stuck listening the inner voice say What is wrong with me?, you have a block toward loving yourself. The first thing you need in your awareness is to stop comparing. Stand up for yourself by silencing the critic in your mind. Refuse to accept the negative talk from within. Notice if you are standing in the way of your own self-validation. Sensitive people often avoid compliments. They are a form of unwanted attention. The pattern of rejecting compliments begins early in childhood when an authority figure engages in publicly shaming the child. This can be the seed that grows into fear of intimacy.

Treat yourself as you would your best friend! What would you say to that kind treatment to them? Surround yourself with those who acknowledge and express your value. In time you will raise the vibrations of self-value. When you value yourself, you lift your heart into the arms of divine self-love. Your own self-value is all the protection you will need to release the fear of intimacy.

Then, when you are around someone who previously gave you little value, they begin to see the real you. Your new shine will rub off on others, and you will see it in the mirror. You are not here to dim your light so that others feel superior. There is no reason to shut others out of your life either. You can be in the presence of those who have dismissed your value in the past. Have the courage to show your true strength and unwavering belief in your own value. Affirm your worth to the person in the mirror and take the leap into personal evolution.


Bring joy, ease suffering and create beauty, then dance like you mean it!
Blessings, Russell


“When someone does not value, appreciate and respect your love and friendship, it is a reflection of their own self-worth…not yours.”
Anthon St. Maarten


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 Angel Whispers – Value