Angel Whispers – Burnout

From my informal study and personal experience, many are suffering from burnout. This term is usually associated with prolonged stressors from your work or job. The signs are broken down into three dimensions related to response. Being easily overwhelmed is one symptom of a constant load to the nervous system. Feelings of cynicism and detachment are characteristic of the mental state. A sense of being ineffective or lacking accomplishment is the effect on the heart.

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Besides the job, life itself may be factor. The last few years seem to have taken a toll on everyone. Each person may assess burnout in different ways, so it can be happening without our realizing it. The same can be said for stress. We adapt to conditions when dominated by stressors. I see that the Root Chakra energy center seems to be the most affected by stress. Too much chaotic energy, then grounding, safety, and security are lost. A blocked Root Chakra means low energy, fear, and anxiety as it relates to the material world.

The polar opposite to burnout is engagement. High energy levels, strength, motivation, and action lead the way. Engagement means fulfillment, but it also indicates complete absorption. It’s interesting how the two contracts can meet to synthesize into conflict. (tee hee) I am also interested in the link between burnout and lack of control. Let’s study that link further in the form of a whisper on the subject:

Any form of burnout points to conflicting internal drivers. Opposing energies drain the system of vital resources, like a candle burning at both ends. Your body will bring to your awareness the need for less stress. Fatigue, sleep issues, and confusion are a few signs pointing toward burnout. With awareness, one can step back to get a clear view of what is happening.

External environments filled with stress cannot be avoided at times. Recognition marks the beginning of a personal recording connected to the overload issue. Once that stage has begun, clarity around one’s needs helps to organize the system. Deficiencies can be recognized. Responsibility means using methods to mitigate any excessive detriment to the nervous system.

Any form of burnout indicates unresolved conflict. Moving quickly from one problem to the next does not allow time for finding lasting resolution. Internal energies must work together to bring harmony as the healing agent. The central nervous system is connected to the pineal gland, or the Seat of Soul. Greater core alignment is the antidote for burnout and toxins associated with stress.

Step back and breathe to gain a greater perspective. Breathe in a positive charge of life-force energy and breathe out the negative charge. Add intentions, and you can cleanse the system of the residual energy imprinted by stressors. Nurture yourself toward anything that provides nourishment. This will serve to refresh the entire energy body. With new light comes renewed faith and stable energy. Tension is not your natural state of being. Evolving is finding ways to return to a calm state after every storm.


Bring joy, ease suffering and create beauty, then dance like you mean it!
Blessings, Russell


If you don’t take this more seriously, you can run the risk of losing passion for something you once loved. And it takes an immensity of work to get the urge back.”
Robin S. Baker


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 Angel Whispers – Burnout