Angel Whispers – Context

Like many Americans, we have a Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends. But there is one person who is notoriously late. During each holiday, we found ourselves letting the meal get cold. Waiting on one person and their family became a pattern. The fix was to tell them the meal will be served at noon instead of 1pm. Everyone else got the 1pm mealtime memo and voilà! (tee hee) We were finally able to eat at the same time. This is an example of context.

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The way we interact in response to a stimulus becomes the process that shapes behavior. Our human energy systems are always processing clues. There are internal and external stimuli to life experiences that provide context. In this example, the external stimulation was an environment filled with impatience. The internal stimulation is the emotion of anger for not honoring the simple request to be on time.

Each person’s understanding of objects, emotions, words, inflection, and actions differs. Studies show that recall is clearer if the environment is the same. Learning in a classroom means better results when taking a test in the same classroom. A learning experience underwater is more clearly recalled underwater. This is partly due to how we humans process.

Everything we do is influenced by the situation and surroundings. Context provides encoding by shaping our lives according to the context. Call me crazy, but that’s why I try to channel an angel whisper under different conditions. A crowded airport or a busy street could offer many distractions. But I feel the need to learn under such conditions. The goal is connection with my internal source, despite external stimulation. Speaking of connection, let’s make one happen to get a whisper on the subject of context:

Humans are complex creations who combine multiple energy systems. Life in a three-dimensional environment will offer opportunity for growth and development. Learning is the platform for evolution, and the Earth is the forum for action. Taking action from a place of growth involves context, processing, and experience.

The context of your life is written by the stories you tell yourself. Your story is influenced by the thoughts, emotions, and energy stimulated by conditions. The goal is to find the highest level of alignment that will support personal evolution. Developing core virtues and insightful decision-making strategies will propel you toward the goal.

It will be a conscious decision to place yourself under the right conditions. High-vibe people, places, and environments will give the best opportunity for personal evolution. Positive vibrations entrain the human body and energy systems. Negativity will also entrain the system. This is why maintaining healthy boundaries is critical to development.

Be the observer of context. Notice the external and internal stimuli in your life. Be present to any behavior influenced by the processing of clues from your environment. You can determine what environment creates the highest alignment with the core self. Make adjustments to live in accordance with the aim of the soul, which is enlightenment. Peace is found on the illuminated path where love leads the way.

Bring joy, ease suffering and create beauty, then dance like you mean it!
Blessings, Russell

“[..] too often we teach children concepts without context; we need to show them why learning is important”
― Sudhakar Ram



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 Angel Whispers – Context