Angel Whispers – Dharma

When the whisper for the week comes into my awareness, I usually have some sort of reaction. Imagine mine when the whisper of the word dharma came through. The child part of me threw a bit of a tantrum (tee hee). You want me to write about the subject of dharma in under 500 words?, I screamed from within. No, you write 250 words, and we will write the rest! So I settled down and gathered my thoughts.

Most of the world religions have their own perspective on the meaning of dharma. In Buddhism, dharma is the nature of reality regarded as a universal truth. In Jainism, dharma is the moral transformation and purification of humans. Dharma within Sikhism is the path of righteousness through the cultivation of ten virtues: forgiveness, straightforwardness, purity, self-restraint, humility, renunciation, celibacy, penance, humility, and non-possessiveness. In Hinduism, dharma is the . The main theory: dharma is a Cosmic law that dictates behavior and order. When this law is adhered to, happiness follows and suffering lessens.

It’s rare that a single inherent nature of reality word can hold such a deep, diverse, and complex meaning. Plus, every perspective can lead you somewhere meaningful. The simple version is that dharma means life purpose. Dharma holds your true calling as a universal teacher and cosmic guide. Your dharma will push you toward your most natural, innate, positive flow of energy.

Dharma is a compass buried deep inside your heart. Reality is the mirror that reflects light into the caverns of your unconscious self. When the light reveals your compass, you find the natural state of being in the world. You understand your purpose and why you came. You know what direction you’re to take in life. A natural flow of energy moves you through life with grace, ease, and dignity.

An awakening occurs as energy rises within to reach for connection to divinity. Such an experience opens channels where knowledge turns into wisdom. There are no questions without answers in a place where reality becomes the ultimate truth. Walls come down around your mind to expose true conscious awareness of your thoughts, ideas, and beliefs. Unbridled creative expression fuels the vibration that lifts you from karma.

Dharma is what you like, without the mind telling you it’s what you like. When you feel fulfilled, happy, and free from internal conflict, you are aligned at the core. Performing any task without expectations of something in return is your most natural state of being. When you lose all track of time, you are experiencing dharma. Your actions, behaviors, thoughts, and emotions have pursued a meaningful experience.

When something profound is experienced as a natural state, reality is illuminated. There is no greater purpose to life. A deeply satisfying experience brings gratitude for the abundance in your life. Blessings are realized and your story of life is a balanced blend of light and dark. To know your most natural state, is to know your reality. Then change any conditions that influence limitations. Love every aspect of your life, and a natural order will follow.

Bring joy, ease suffering and create beauty, then dance like you mean it!
Blessings, Russell

“If you’ve realized that all this is a cosmic drama, you can play a victorious role in it because you have the power of awareness with you.” Shunya


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 Angel Whispers – Dharma