Angel Whispers – Disposition

A person’s disposition involves inherent qualities of mind and character that contribute to a prevailing tendency, mood, or inclination. Gratitude can be experienced as an emotion, but can also be expressed according to a disposition. Do you feel grateful for the good things in life, or do resentment, anger, or emotions from past experiences add to your general disposition?

Attributions are described as determinations people make about the cause of events or behaviors to help them understand life experiences. Certain attributions can be classified as external or internal. Internal attributions are personal and include traits, characteristics, beliefs, and abilities. All of these contribute to an overall disposition. External attributes are situational, which infers that behaviors, feelings, and emotions can be due to external circumstances. An example would be when a person was late for work. The reason could be experienced as external due to circumstances such as heavy traffic, or internal because they didn’t leave in time.

An inherent bias can occur with making attributions. The result would be the formation of a disposition based on an attitude. If a person believes they are a victim, they might make false attributions by blaming the external world to justify their emotions and behaviors. I am now calling on an external source to help me with my feelings and potentially change my disposition toward the positive (tee hee). Let’s get a whisper from an angel on disposition:

One of the greatest influences with a person’s disposition is taking responsibility. There is a tender balance to be held in the grey areas of responsibility. It’s easy to blame other people for the external circumstances that contribute to the negative experiences one might encounter. The greater challenge in life is awakening to a balanced attribution, free from bias, attitudes, prejudice, and ego. Freedom from false assessment is truly anchored in the light of love.

From an early age, children are exposed to bias from the external world created by their parents and environment. If the external conditions involve emotions that contribute to incorrect thinking, exposure of the truth is the only catalyst to change. Childhood experiences offer the opportunity to develop a discernment that illuminates the life path. Recognition of internal attribution creates an awareness that can change disposition by addressing traits, emotions, and characteristics that can be culled from the consciousness.

Healing begins with awareness of any attitude that can be recognized as influenced by a truth or a non-truth. Emotions can lie. A person can feel shame when there is no internal or external basis for the emotion. Shame can be established as a response early in childhood to become a dominant trait leading to an overall disposition. But is it the truth, or an unstable attribution? Once recognized for what it is, the emotion can be modified to what is appropriate, given the circumstances. The result is change.

The Earth is the realm of testing that offers the opportunity for personal and spiritual growth. Attributions made with truth and integrity lead to alignment with core values and virtues. Align with the truth to bring balance to any disposition that influences disharmony. The cheery disposition creates a life of peace, joy, and love.

Bring joy, ease suffering and create beauty, then dance like you mean it!
Blessings, Russell

“The amount of dynamic energy and physical strength that a person possesses frequently influences the character of their mental and psychological disposition.”
― Kilroy J. Oldster

 Angel Whispers – Disposition

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