Angel Whispers – Fractals

One of Edgar Cayce’s hypotheses was that human consciousness broke off into fractals. In an instant, theses particles of energy (some would call human souls) left ‘at-onement’ with God. The result was some of these souls descending upon the Earth. Their destiny was the experience of inhabiting a three-dimensional planet. One story became a tale of the fallen angels, according to Cayce. He further hypothesized that some souls fell into other dimensions.

Fractals are repeating patterns found in nature. Coastlines have repetitive patterns arranged in a very similar fashion. Trees are great examples of fractals. Growth patterns from the largest limbs repeat in the smallest of twigs. The reason is simple. Fractal patterns are Nature’s way of offering a path of least resistance.

The human organism is a complex version of fractals. Lungs are a prime example of repeating patterns that mirror branches of a tree. Each system relies on supporting fractal structures to maintain stability. Brainwaves organize in fractal patterns. When thoughts are disrupted, the patterns lose strength and integrity.

Behavior patterns affect mood and your vibe. Experts believe that fractal behavior patterns are unconscious programs. It’s our nature to follow patterns until we are forced to change (tee hee). Behaviors not in our best interest are energy taking the path of least resistance. The key is self-awareness of the behavior pattern. This gives the ability to see the patterns like you would observe in another person. Let’s open a fractal channel in the form of a whisper on the subject:

Vibrations move along fractal pathways throughout the Cosmos. Each fractal is interpreted by the observer. What can be seen as the Sun in one dimension can be interpreted as a being of light from another dimension. The Sun is the center of the Solar System in the same way the heart is the center of the human system. Mini-replicas of one system form to create a larger system.

A single drop of water removed from the ocean can be observed as separate. Yet it still exists as part of the ocean. Pulling it from its original source will only change its true connection by a distance. The drop of water remembers the source of its origin, despite the separation. There is still light in the center of the drop that holds the fractal pattern. Freedom is found in the remembrance of the original immunization of life.

Humans are the same. Separation from love does not deny the existence of love. Fractals are Nature’s way of ensuring a memory. With remembrance of divinity, there is certainty held within the fractal pattern. The program is there, even when disengaged or without activity. The comfort comes with the knowing embedded in the core fractal structure.

You cannot remove that which is natural to an operating system. You can shift the pattern away from limitations and defeating behavior. Self-awareness motivates the change by recognizing the deficiency. Reminders of the original spark of light guarantee the return during transformation. Perspective changes from every dimension on the journey.


Bring joy, ease suffering and create beauty, then dance like you mean it!
Blessings, Russell


“A Fractal is a like a mathematical shape that is infinitely complex. In simple terms, it is a pattern that repeats forever. Every part of it, regardless of how it’s zoomed, in or out its parts look similar to the whole.”― Ujjwal Arora


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 Angel Whispers – Fractals