Angel Whispers – Generosity

Generosity and kindness are very similar, in that most generous expressions are backed by the kindness of the heart. Being generous might include giving time, talent, and treasure as a way to demonstrate generosity. Being generous goes far beyond giving money and things.

Zero-sum giving is a way of describing a one-party negotiation. The example would be if you have ten dollars and were considering giving away five of those dollars. Simple math says you will be left with five dollars. Now your thoughts of generosity have been turned into a debt proposal (tee hee). This way of thinking leads to bargaining, expectations, and possible disappointment. Counting the money that will be left shifts the focus from generosity to personal gains or losses.

A generous person must look at the bigger picture or the happiness that comes from giving in order to benefit from a generous act. Let’s learn more with a whisper from an angel on the subject at hand:


Generosity is the purest form of giving, an honest expression from the heart that is without conditions, attachments, or restrictions. The energy of love delivered from the spirit of a human being creates a virtue unlike any other. Expressing the virtue known as generosity returns to the sender Universal dividends in the form of abundance. A generous heart is one that feels joy, knows happiness, and has found a love for life.

Actions of generosity are not without sound judgment or discernment. Honesty surrounds the nature of the giving heart with regard to the beneficial aspects offered with any gift. Generosity inspires uplifting acknowledgment and the perpetual movement of the energy behind a kind gesture. One generous act creates another, paying forward in a collective consciousness of giving.

A spirit that realizes joy and happiness through giving is moving toward a greater awakening in the discovery of the God or Goddess within. The soul incarnates in the physical body to experience growth. Building virtues such as generosity supports soul growth in other areas to build strength of spirt through an architecture of light.

Generosity instills the presence of mind to hold a space for loving another human being. The most generous gift is simply being present with another person with an effort to listen and understand their perspective. Generosity is an expansion of energy dedicated to love in a way that projects connectedness to every living being. Projecting a Universal message of love is the goal of human transformation and the duty of every awakened soul.

Bring joy, ease suffering and create beauty, then dance like you mean it!
Blessings, Russell

“Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by doing that some have entertained angels without knowing it.”
― Anonymous
Holy Bible: King James Version

 Angel Whispers – Generosity

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