Angel Whispers – The Hierarchy of Human Needs

Abraham Maslow is an American psychologist best known for creating the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Maslow created a system of organizing needs, using a pyramid shape to describe his model. The foundational needs are physiological. Food, shelter, clothing, warmth, rest, and basic human needs are basic needs for survival.

The next up involves security and safety. Having stable employment, security in a relationships, personal security, a secure property and good health define the second level in the heirarchy. Feeling like you belong by connecting with friends, intimate partners, and family, comprise the third level. Finally, recognition of accomplishments fulfill the fourth level need for self esteem.

Maslow’s theory was that the four lower tiers create motivation through deficiency. When deprived, I can find strength, determination, and the energy needed to get what I need. Maslow’s theory was that each level in the heirarchy must be met before moving to the next. The top level was not considered a deficiency need, rather a growth need fueled by desires. This level is self-actualization.

Once my human needs are satisfied, I am positioned to reach my full potential! This means creative expression blossoms and I am free to move toward transformation! (tee hee) When this theory is applied to the world around me, I noticed something. People going through a divorce, an injury, or a rough spot, were feeling stuck. They question of being on the right path toward personal growth and development. Moving toward self-actualization, for me, includes whispers from spirit on the subject:

Basic physiological needs must be satisfied for the human body to function. To eat, drink, sleep and breath are primary needs that comprise the foundation of all human needs. Failure to meet physiological needs motivates survival mechanisms. Grounding, security, safety, and a practical approach to the realities of a material world create movement toward human development. Scattered energy disturbs fulfillment of needs at every level. The sense of connection and accomplishment leads to better self-esteem. Suppressing individual needs has become a human condition supported by social norms. When needs are ignored, subconscious energy motivates action that can prevent an individual from reaching higher levels of purpose and potential.

Any lack of fulfillment with regard to basic needs or safety, will inhibit personal growth and development. The consequence is feeling stuck and unable to create positive movement. Full human potential is a product of complex systems becoming organized. Optimization is alignment with core vibrations to achieve energetic stability. Assigning human needs into various levels can be a useful tool in the search for enlightenment and transformation.

Individual thoughts and actions can be arranged in a progressive manner that provides sharp focus on the goal. If a need is not identified, goals and actions can remain unclear. Once certain critical human needs are satisfied, a person can focus on self-actualization. Self-love is the core human expression that opens creative channels. When human energy expands with creativity, clarity around human needs brings the greatest potential for transformation.


Bring joy, ease suffering and create beauty, then dance like you mean it!
Blessings, Russell


“What is necessary to change a person is to change his awareness of himself.”
Abraham Maslow

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 Angel Whispers – The Hierarchy of Human Needs