Angel Whispers – Inspiration Matters

A common whisper this week has been around inspiration. I found myself encouraging people to find a role model, living or deceased, real or fictional, then study that person or character. “If you read the story of a person you admire, you will be inspired by some aspect of their journey. Most people who have contributed to our society have overcome tremendous adversity in their personal life.” This was the message repeated by spirit over the week.

Such discoveries around the lives of a role model can provide the impetus needed to face our own obstacles, followed by our taking action. Many souls are here with a life purpose dedicated to providing inspiration for others. Leading by example can include living a life beyond ordinary to become free of limitations. Everyone has the opportunity to explore possibilities and their own potential, and most role models will have something to contribute to the story of you.

Some believe that inspiration is supernatural or divine (like me, tee hee). In a world full of stimulation, it can be challenging to find something or someone truly inspirational. I’m sure there is more to understand and why it matters. Let’s get some inspiration from a whisper on inspiration and role models:

Inspiration animates the spirit and propels a person into action. When inspired, the spirit is compelled by the heart and propelled by divine energy, as if something supernatural has occurred. Inspiration awakens the mind, body, and spirit, bringing clarity and increased self-awareness. In the presence of clarity, a vision can appear to show something never previously seen. Having a vision initiates a person toward actualization. The vision contains an energy that has been transmitted or channeled into a force of nature.

A moment of inspiration raises internal vibrations to match divine love, lifting low self-esteem in a moment of connection with the heart. The movement sparked by inspiration is a continuum of an energetic wave that flows in a sequence. The desire to survive is a primal energy, which is activated by the transcendent quality of content that inspires order. Relating to the journey of another can help create a vision of possibilities and open the heart to the true self. With inspiration comes motivation that impacts performance, resources, and sustainability. An individual can excel without feeling competitive when inspiration takes over.

Inspiration brings optimism, psychological strength, physical stamina, creativity, and greater capabilities. When a person relates to their conditions from an inspired point of view, they can open to a new approach with enthusiasm. Spirituality blooms when fed a dose of inspiration, and when full responsibility for actions is accepted. Inspiration brings clarity to the goals while providing energy for the movement toward your dreams. The awakened spirit is the inspired being filled with light. Beauty evokes inspiration as it illuminates the soul and animates the spirit. Inspired beauty creates wellbeing and heals the traumas of the past.

Bring joy, ease suffering and create beauty, then dance like you mean it!
Blessings, Russell

“I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”
Albert Einstein

 Angel Whispers – Inspiration Matters