Angel Whispers – Jealousy

Here’s a shout-out to Fernando for suggesting a whisper on jealousy. I thought this was already released as a whisper but found that was incorrect thinking (tee hee). Jealousy intensely combines emotions usually connected with romance. It’s a signal you are giving your mate or another person more value, or that you feel threatened or fearful. Jealousy is defined as the emotional reaction to a threat to one’s relationship from a real or imagined rival.
Jealousy can drive a person to unhealthy decisions that lead to an attempt to control the actions of others. A jealous person might be constantly checking another’s whereabouts, monitoring their activities, isolating them from their family or friends, undermining their self-esteem, and convincing them of non-truths. Some evolutionary psychologists think there is a healthy aspect to jealousy. It can provide a mechanism that helps people avoid getting in trouble. A small act of jealousy can ward off behaviors that could lead to straying from a relationship or making a decision that adversely affects the nature of the connection.
Like everything in life, moderation is the key, in that too much of anything can be destructive. Jealousy can be a sign of energetic imbalance, indicating something isn’t right. A sudden shift in mood or attitude can demonstrate the relationship needs some attention. It can also be used as self-sabotage and a way to manifest that which a person fears the most, which is betrayal. Let’s get a sign from above with a whisper:
Healthy competition can invigorate the spirit and provide motivation to excel beyond a previous mark. When the spirit of competition heightens with emotional content to become jealousy, one’s behavior can create karma or separation from love. Jealousy is connected to the power/free-will center (solar plexus) and the passion/ego center (heart) with a potential to stimulate layered emotions.
Jealousy is complex. A person who is not normally jealous can experience a reaction due to past experience of betrayal or a breach of trust. Any form of questionable actions that would lead to an erosion of trust can be amended in some way to mitigate the effects of jealousy. This requires communication from heart to heart. “What can I do to earn your trust?” would be a question that could open a conversation that leads to expressing intimacy. 
Envy is connected to your desires, but jealousy is the fear that something you have will be taken away. Jealousy can be experienced beyond romantic relationships. Many people in business experience their competitive nature becoming tinged with jealousy, when that person fears a loss of the fruits of their efforts. Layered emotions that create jealousy are experienced as a form of insecurity or self-doubt, which can indicate an emotional or energetic instability.
The best approach is to face jealousy and allow the emotion to inform you of anything that was previously hidden. Communicate that information to your partner and free yourself from the burden of the past. Experience the joy of knowing yourself. Take action that animates the spirit into action. Know who you are and don’t let anyone or anything threaten your precious sovereignty.
Bring joy, ease suffering and create beauty, then dance like you mean it!
Blessings, Russell
“When emerging from humble beginnings, those around you tend to underestimate your authenticity because they knew you before you were ‘somebody’.”
Criss Jami
 Angel Whispers – Jealousy