Angel Whispers – Love’s Compass

We traveled to the Dallas area this past weekend to celebrate our son’s birthday. My traffic and navigation app encouraged me to turn several times, but each time I insisted on going my way. It seemed like the right thing to do since every exit was experiencing heavy traffic. The route I chose seemed to flow with grace and ease. A few miles from our destination, some debris on the road flew up and hit my brand new Jeep.

I could tell it was a hard hit, but saw no objects. There were no other cars on either side of the highway. When we arrived, it shocked me to see the amount of damage as I realized it must have been a piece of pipe that could have come through the windshield. We felt very lucky until the body shop informed us the repair would run close to $2,500!

This week I have been pondering my internal destination app. What points us in the direction of love, and what encourages another path? Does unexpected damage mean we were in the wrong lane, or were we lucky and encouraged to find the blessings in the experience? Does the heart hold the compass while the mind creates the voice of direction? Many questions signal it’s time for a whisper from spirit on the compass that points to love:

Love’s compass has four directions. Feeling, knowing, thinking, and wanting create the four directions of the heart. Feeling is influenced by intuition. Knowing is influenced by instinct. Thinking is influenced by knowledge, and wanting is influenced by desire. Any one of these four elements can point you in the direction of love.

Tuning the compass occurs with experiences, as life can include the process of elimination. Experiencing the darkness gives you information about light and the choice to push away from negativity with momentum toward love. Emotions can help develop the wisdom of the heart that leads to making clear choices in movement toward love. Desires can point you in the direction of the vital lessons needed to manifest love. The mind can give you the power to strategize the best path toward love.

Maturing is the process of developing the compass, as every cell in the body knows the direction of love. Refuse to commit to any relationship, activity, or process void of love. Share the deepest part of yourself with another human being to hold love in your hands and under your terms. Activate the energy of love by allowing the wind to lift your hair and fill your lungs. Know your aliveness creates movement toward developing the deepest bond with your life, your purpose, and your reason for coming to the Earth.

To know love is to know yourself. When you listen to the messages from your body, you hear the whispers of your heart. Love is allowing yourself to experience life on your terms by following love’s compass.

Bring joy, ease suffering and create beauty, then dance like you mean it!
Blessings, Russell

“He never broke my heart. He only turned it into a compass that always points me back to him.”
Clementine von Radics

 Angel Whispers – Love’s Compass

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