Angel Whispers – Masculine Energy

Masculine energy is expressed in one of three ways: positive, negative, or fake. To express positive masculine energy, I have to first honor my feelings. Before expressing with confidence, strength, and courage, I need to understand my emotions. Positive masculine expression is cultivated through meditation or looking deep within. That is where I develop a deep love for myself and my feelings. It takes a process of working through filters established by my past.

Negative masculine energy is expressed by charging ahead without consideration. It’s a harsh exertion of my will. Impulsiveness can be without consideration of my feelings and those of others. An overexertion of energy void of love. When I’m working in the negative, my heart and mind are not connected. It is going it alone without asking for help. This kind of independence can be linked to selfishness, which is a form of disconnection from the heart.

The third type of masculine energy is when you’re faking it (tee hee). Acting with authority without having developed the maturity and knowledge is inauthentic. I’m sure you’ve seen someone expressing with ego and arrogance. Meanwhile, you’re secretly thinking they don’t know what they’re talking about. Fake masculine energy might mean you’re aware of your feelings but don’t really care. Expressing positive masculine energy means I don’t need to go beyond my knowledge. I can see it’s time to go beyond my knowledge in search of a whisper:

Balanced masculine energy means equal expression of the masculine and the feminine. Feminine traits include being nurturing, receptive, compassionate, intuitive, and vulnerable. Masculine energy includes assertiveness, confidence, strength, courage, and action. The balanced blend cannot be expressed without first being in contact with the heart. Feelings and emotions must be felt to be understood. Intellectualizing emotions means the heart is being ignored.

Decision-making involves a thought process, which must occur before taking action. The balanced masculine expression includes emotions in that process. Negative masculine energy is acting without consideration of the emotions. A person might not follow through with actions or commitments when working in the negative. Being overly critical, overly aggressive, and overly defensive are expressions of negative masculine energy.

Confidence is being relaxed and knowing your place with a person or situation. Positive masculine energy is an expression of internal peace. Actions are taken with responsibility. Commitments are honoring the feelings of everyone. Awareness is centered between giving and receiving. Love is expressed without words. Aggression is delivered with kindness. Confidence carries the strength that comes with wisdom and maturity.

Both men and women can express masculine energy balanced with feminine energy. The intuitive male can shine in the presence of the confident female. When the male and female energies are balanced, both men and women can express with freedom and honesty.


Bring joy, ease suffering and create beauty, then dance like you mean it!
Blessings, Russell


“The stronger a man is, the more gentle he can afford to be”
Elbert Hubbard


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 Angel Whispers – Masculine Energy