Angel Whispers – Reversal

Someone was talking about reversal as it relates to thoughts of the future. This sparked something inside of me. Some might call that a trigger (tee hee). Another term for Reversal is Mental Contrasting. A study by the University of Hamburg and New York University revealed some interesting results. One was around contrasting a negative future with a positive reality. They used the example of a bacterial epidemic as a negative future. One group mentally contrasted the negative future with a positive reality. They showed less anxiety than the participants who imagined only a negative future. The study concluded that mental contrasting using a positive reality helped balance emotions.

We all find ourselves facing future events that can evoke fear. The war in the Ukraine, a transatlantic flight, or an unfavorable medical diagnosis, to name a few. Our thoughts of the future can evoke more fear and worry. Another passive coping strategy is avoidance. Fear and anxiety are interchangeable with any anticipation of a negative future stimulus. Reversal can be used in a situation where thoughts of the future direct energy inward. If thoughts of the future bring fear and anxiety, we need a strategy. Mental contrasting with a positive reality could be one answer. Speaking of answers, let’s get some from the angelic realm on reversal:

Anxiety plays a pivotal role in the human evolution. Activation of the autonomic nervous system helps prepare a reaction to a threat. It is an essential step toward defense. When fear is disproportionate to the reality, an imbalance occurs. The reaction creates cognitive limitations and destabilization of emotions. This can be problematic if the energy reverses to inhibit an appropriate response.

Emotion-fueled thoughts and beliefs hinder the focus. When negative thoughts of the future shape the probability of harm, anxiety increases. Motivational states shift with mental distortions of a future reality. Contrasting a threat with a positive potential regulates emotions. A more stable system ensues. Cognition, supported by grounded energy, sharpens the senses.

The function of emotions is to urge behavior to promote an important outcome. Anxiety and fear influence the response. With less anxiety, the potential to avoid the negative future is greater. Experiencing and processing emotions lead to expression of self. Being conditioned to the fear response leads to anticipating a negative event. Contrasting the positive future may be challenging. Practice with everyday situations creates the leverage needed for spiritual transformation. Stable energy channels brilliant solutions, bringing light into the darkness.

Don’t lose touch with a positive reality, for you can create a potential future. Love, hope, and faith help form a rosy lens through which to view a more positive outcome. Forcing positive thoughts is not enough. A positive spirit inspires the transformational shift felt around the globe. Evolution depends on illumination. Be the light you want to see in the world.


Bring joy, ease suffering and create beauty, then dance like you mean it!
Blessings, Russell


“Don’t paint a dark future with the color of fear.”


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 Angel Whispers – Reversal