Angel Whispers – The Spirit of Christmas

At the age of 5, I developed a kidney disease. It was a shock to watch my young body respond to such a threat. Little did I know this disease was often terminal. What was in my awareness as a very sensitive child was the look in the eyes of my mother and doctor. My British GP had to be a wizard in white. He developed an aggressive treatment that led to a cure.

My time in the hospital was interesting. I spend a lot of time alone in that stark environment. My mother had her home responsibilities, so she only had room for short, sporadic visits. She would sneak me some ice cream on occasion. GG seemed to enjoy her ice cream getaways a little too much! (tee hee).

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I remember looking across a courtyard. There were other young boys in their hospital beds in that wing, too. One would wave and I would wave back. When he wasn’t there one day, I didn’t get a good feeling around his fate. In some way, the traumatic experience put me on the path of learning more about healing and service.

Are you wondering what this has to do with the spirit of Christmas? I’m exploring the idea that I created a spirit of those times. One that has energy and the ability to communicate information. If there is anything to that, I’m asking for a whisper on the spirit of Christmas:

The lighthouse shines a guiding beacon through the darkness. The spirit of Christmas brings illumination in a similar fashion. A lighthouse is a symbol of safety, as it warns of danger and guides away from the perils of the unknown. Like those who travel the oceans at night, seeing the light from the shore penetrate the darkness gives an immediate lift. The human spirit can feel and experience the sense of hope for themselves and others.

Differences with others could dissolve in a moment of unity where hope shines through the darkness. Anticipation of impending arrival to safe port spreads cheer and good tidings. Such a light can penetrate the window into the soul and transfix the energy. In a moment of sensing this type of light, one can become spellbound. Human imagination takes over to inspire a level of consciousness rising from within.

Using this metaphor, one can better understand the spirit of Christmas. There are many things that would remain hidden without this type of help from the subtle realms. Once the inner spirit becomes illuminated in such a way, remembrance is available. The nostalgia sparked by Christmas is part of the gift. You cannot see who you are to become without knowing the one who is on the journey. Like the feeling of the ocean traveler, knowing what it took to reach the first light of shore.

Conflicts with others can find resolution for release in a moment of illumination. Friends and family can be remembered for the unspoken love that bonds each heart. Every aspect of life can be evaluated to gain clarity on what is really important. The spirit of Christmas is the spirit of humanity. It’s a time to forget about yourself and practice good will toward others.

In the spirit of giving, you find gratitude for life. The spirit of Christmas is an energy evoked through the power of the human consciousness. In a collective energy found within the stream of light, love is the vibration rising above all. Open your heart to the exhilaration your soul felt as it traveled to the Earth for its time to occupy a body. There you will find the remembrance illuminated by the spirit of Christmas.


Bring joy, ease suffering and create beauty, then dance like you mean it!
Blessings, Russell


“If you try to buy Christmas with a credit card, you’ll miss the point. It’s not for sale. True Christmas spirit can only be given away and the price it demands is a piece of your heart.”
Toni Sorenson


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 Angel Whispers – The Spirit of Christmas