Angel Whispers – Thought I was Done

Have you ever been triggered by someone or something in a way that mystified you? After all that grueling spiritual work, it seems like you accomplished nothing! (tee hee) What is in our system that is so easily provoked by the experiences of life? The answer is in the multidimensional bodies. These dimensions are part of the subtle realms that make up the electromagnetic field, otherwise known as the aura.

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The Mental Body is the third layer of energy that extends out from the body. It is generally 3-8 inches from the physical body. Do you remember the mood ring? The Mental Body is very similar. When we are in fear, worry, or anger, the Mental Body emits a muddy color into our field. When we are focused in a meditation, a beautiful vibrant yellow color fills this dimension.

Thoughts related to emotions that are part of a past experience form a residual crust in the Mental Body. Any current response to life can trigger the residue to recreate the thoughts from the past. It feels like you are right back there as a child, experiencing the same emotions. You might be having a body memory of the traumatic experience that formed the thoughts, influenced by an emotional reaction. The wounded spirit comes to the surface, and the inner child cries out for help once again. Your evolved self is left with nothing but a sense of wonder around the mystery of life. The ego says, “Wait a minute, I’ve done the work around this issue.”

But the feeling is real and there you are, stuck in the mystery once again. Speaking of mystery, it must be time for a whisper on the Mental Body Dimension:

In the absence of bliss, there is the energy of a child learning the lessons from the past. It’s easy to drop into that space as a reminder of who you really are. Without the contrast, there is no way of knowing how far you have come. Only through self-awareness can you come into the present moment where self-actualization is occurring. The observer within holds the teachings that will allow for a pause prior to any reaction.

If you cannot be in the moment, the past consumes the energy and the residue expands. The mind recreates the emotions in a body memory. The feelings are a tangible reminder of the suffering from the past experience. Despite the sense that you are back where you started, it is only an illusion. The reality is you have the power to pivot into the strength of your spirit.

Spiritual evolution is not the elimination of the past. It is the integration of the experience. You are being asked to remember who you are by acknowledging where you have traveled on your soul journey. Don’t be discouraged, but instead embrace the moment of your liberation. Freedom requires discipline, determination, and development. You are the person you have been waiting for, so don’t allow life to obscure the reality of your personal transformation.

What you seek is love, and the only way you know love is to experience separation. The experience allows you to known how to get back to grounded center. The Earth is the Realm of Testing. You have been tested and will continue to be. That’s because your soul’s desire is to experience the continued growth from your experiences. Embrace your life and put your arms around the love that is available in every moment.

Bring joy, ease suffering and create beauty, then dance like you mean it!
Blessings, Russell

“There are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds.”
Laurell K. Hamilton


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 Angel Whispers – Thought I was Done