Angel Whispers – The Trickster

In his Collected Works, Carl Jung writes: “The trickster motif appears in the unsuspecting modern man whenever, in fact, he feels himself at the mercy of annoying accidents which thwart his will and his actions with apparently malicious intent.” Welcome to the perfect description of the Mercury Retrograde in Gemini and Taurus. We usually have three Mercury Retrogrades a year, but in 2022 we have four. In 2021, we had three and all were in ‘air’ signs. Mercury Retrograde in early 2020 provided the backdrop for the beginning of the global pandemic. In 2021, it was during a Mercury Retrograde that the vaccine was rolled out.

The movement of the planets provides an influence under the dome of energy. For some it is hardly noticeable. Others can ride the wave toward higher spiritual vibrations. Some feel like they’re cursed by the gods when they say one thing, and the person next to them hears the exact opposite. (tee hee)

Mercury is the planet that governs communication. When an element of chaos, illusion, and static produces confusion, the trickster is present. The shadow of this mighty planet can claim power in my life. Disorganization, unstable emotions, cell phone/computer disruptions, and accidental consequence can cause complete collapse of morale. The ensuing storm shows no mercy, and it feels like a malicious intent is at work. Because Mercury is the ultimate wizard and patron of magicians, what can I do to bring the energy patterns into my favor? I’ve asked the question; now I wait for a whisper on the subject:

The element of air carries light, sound, vibration, and transmission. Movement that appears in reverse creates the air of illusion. One planet being outpaced by another carries an ominous sight to the earth-bound observer. This can give a person the sense they are being left behind by life itself. For those who are living a fast-paced life, the trickster is forcing a review. In order to evaluate, one must stop to see certain inescapable truths. Life has stalled.

Mercury energy asks you to stop and determine what is right. Whatever you have been running away from will certainly catch up with you during this period of reflection. The opportunity is to recalibrate. Uncertainty is a theme for the constant change humans face. Remove any source of instability and attune to the core of who you are. It’s a return to sovereignty through a connection to the natural elements of the earth and sky.

Grounding means taking a realistic approach to your relationship with money. Let go of the magical thinking that says you can live an ideal life. Gemini represents duality, so you are asked to balance opposing energies. This is essential to finding peace. Taurus cares only about the self. Together, they will challenge your power as the veil drops to display the realities of life.

Look at the energy patterns for face value. It’s your chance to find alignment with your evolved self. You’re being given a lens through which to see if you are the person you think you are. Whatever you see in yourself, your relationships, your environment, and your work is your call to take responsibility. Own your life completely, and the trickster will have no power to create chaos.


Bring joy, ease suffering and create beauty, then dance like you mean it!
Blessings, Russell


“Using trickery on the trickster to mend their ways, is not trickery, but the rightful use of intelligence.”
― Abhijit Naskar


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 Angel Whispers – The Trickster