Angel Whispers – The Wounded Healer

Personally, I have been going through an interesting period of life. It seems like the Universe is delivering a daily reveal (tee hee). A revelation is defined as a surprising and previously unknown fact often delivered in dramatic fashion. A revelation can be a divine or supernatural disclosure related to human existence. We have certainly been going through a lot of those in the past few years!

The whisper of this week connects to an intense energy pattern that supports the chance for some alarming news. If you have felt the alarm this week, it might help to know there is a reason. Mercury (communication) and Pluto (self-centered) have squared off to create a buzz in our Solar System. Some hard truths may be revealed in mysterious ways under this pattern.

Keep in mind this is another opportunity for growth. I didn’t know I needed ANOTHER opportunity for personal growth! Did you? The healers of our planet rise through their wounds. A personal journey of self-healing leads to revelations, and a passion is born. The desire to help others along their path develops the ability to relate to those in a similar struggle. So what do we need to know when the energy patterns create another intense experience? Let’s find out by listening to the whispers from the living light:

It’s natural for a power struggle to leave you with the feeling of giving up. In truth, this is the beginning of transformation through surrender of attachments. The greatest stories of human evolution are told through the eyes of a revelation. During times of tremendous change, you must remember who you are. Some part of you has journeyed through lifetimes in preparation for this moment. And now you are facing an experience that awakens the giant inside who is sleeping.

The goal of the Universe is not to defeat the wounded healer. Instead, the alarms sound to motivate and bring clarity. Life has forged a strength in you that cannot surface for expression from a place of comfort. Abrupt change is inevitable. A power struggle between the planets plays out in the heavens above. The sensitive person feels the energy. It can be a little crazy-making, but rest assured you are not going insane.

A fire inside an epiphany fills the wounded healer. The fiery energy is love and a reminder that hatred is no match for the power it holds. Performing a simple cognitive task stimulates the subconscious mind. An ah-ha moment can follow with a new state of being in the world. The change means you can never go back to your old way of being. A mini-awakening is in your midst. Grief often follows the loss of the old self. This is a natural signal that transformation is occurring.

A Wounded healer needs reminders of confronting insecurity and vulnerability. It doesn’t mean you are spinning backward. Healing begins with feeling. It’s a time to sit with your emotions. Move past the tendency to ask the unanswerable question of why. Move toward your passion and aspirations with renewed strength. Get clarity through visions of your manifestation. The nightmare is trying to release, making room for your dreams to come true. Tap into your power through self-love, self-compassion, and self-awareness. Claim the love within.


Bring joy, ease suffering and create beauty, then dance like you mean it!
Blessings, Russell


“But human withdrawal is a very painful and lonely process, because it forces us to face directly our own condition in all its beauty as well as misery.”
― Henri J.M. Nouwe


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 Angel Whispers – The Wounded Healer