Polarity Therapy

Your body is a cosmically designed vessel that operates on frequencies created by oscillating energies that form vibrations. Negative and positive contact points of the human body facilitate the natural movement of energy throughout the various systems. Energy is supplied and distributed throughout the body, much like any battery sourced operation. If one battery goes in backwards, the other batteries in the sequence are not making contact. The result is a chaotic and disorganized movement of energy that, if sustained over long periods, can become a chronic condition called Polarity Reversal, Psychological Reversal, or being switched.

Disease can begin under mysterious circumstances. Some people are born with certain conditions they acquire from their parents, while some imbalances occur as a result of lifestyle choices. For others, disharmonies appear for no apparent reason. The increase of sensitive people on the Earth, combined with the current demands being placed on the planet, leave no room to question the amount of stress that most people are experiencing today.

Client surveys tell us that stress created by the environment, relationships, finances, and other conditions of living in the modern world, have helped create high levels of stress in a great majority of the population. Various studies have shown the detrimental effects that stress has on the mind, body, and spirit. The polarity issue, simply put, is an electrical issue of the body created by some form of stress. 

What is Polarity Reversal?

Reverse polarity is an illness of the body’s electrical system, which can affect wellness of the body, mind, and spirit. Any shift in the direction of energy movement, signifies a change in the electrical flow or conduction of energy. The shift in polarity is normally caused by stress or traumas, regardless of the type (i.e., mental, physical, emotional, etc.). Major causes of stress like divorce, injury, loss of loved one, illness, loss of job, and moving, can create a shift in the energy.

If you took a hammer and struck a magnet, the positive and negative ends could easily reverse. The same holds true for the human body when it takes any kind of hit from a traumatic experience, challenging event, accident, surgery, negative environment, or any form of sustained stress on the body. As a result, a temporary reversal of energy can occur in one system (such as an organ) or throughout the entire body electrical system.

Symptoms of Polarity Reversal

  • depression
  • mental fog
  • weight gain
  • suicidal thoughts, not wanting to be here
  • chest pain
  • loss of identity or loss of purpose
  • inability to get restful sleep
  • anxiety or panic attacks
  • self-sabotaging behavior
  • feeling stuck
  • addictions
  • fatigue (even after a good nights sleep)
  • racing thoughts
  • clumsiness, bumping into things, falling, or simply feeling off
  • numbness or pain in the body, usually in the extremities but not alway
  • frequent or reoccurring illness
  • allergies
  • heart arrhythmia, chest pressure or pain, racing heart
  • repeated misdiagnosis of a health issue
  • feeling fragile or raw with emotions
  • joint pain
  • dehydration
  • feeling disconnected from God or Source
  • feeling like things aren’t going the way they are supposed to
  • feeling undeserving or unworthy
  • negative or destructive thoughts
  • staying locked in a victim mentality
  • unhealthy attachment to outcomes, answers, or other people
  • short term memory loss
  • medications having opposing effects
  • inability to heal
  • illnesses such as auto-immune, cancer, fibromyalgia
  • energy from healing session is temporary or doesn’t seem to last
  • peripheral neuropathy
  • acute toxin, chemical, or substance sensitivity
  • environmental sensitivity with people and places
  • aura or electromagnetic field imbalances
  • feeling the energies or emotions of others
  • feelings of desperation
  • body tremors or shaking
  • feeling like you are being attacked by entities
  • having intense experiences with other dimensions
  • adrenal fatigue syndrome
  • body chemistry imbalances
  • feeling drained of energy
  • poor digestion