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An elevated perspective to help you

Russell is certified as an Angel Therapist® by Dr. Doreen Virtue, who is a world renowned metaphysician, spiritual teacher, author and psychic. Using a variety of methods that evoke the senses beyond the body, Russell will connect with the archangels, your guardian angels, your higher self or the higher realms to deliver gentle messages of love based on your intentions for the session. These spirit-driven encounters will leave you with a renewed sense of ‘you’re not alone’, when it comes to dealing with the issues that surround aspects of life in areas such as love, career, health, finances, relationships and family. The angels will gift you with their elevated perspective in order to support you through the process of handling life’s challenges, while encouraging you through times of change.

A session specific to your needs and intentions

Energy testing performed during an angel reading, can help identity blocks that might be a factor in your ability to cope with issues such as grief, manipulation, anger and other toxic emotions that may be standing in your way from reaching the highest levels of success. With a better understanding and a clear picture of your direction, you will leave an angel reading feeling equipped to fully experience the life you were born to live. Besides the energy testing and intuitive impressions, an angel reading might include aura testing, connection to angels and archangels, identifying guides, realm information, teaching, oracle card and animal totem reading, chakra balancing, future predictions, past life information or anything that aligns with your intentions that serve the highest good. Each session can become a unique experience, as they are based on your intentions.

The energy of love, available to all

Angel readings are for all ages and walks of life, because the ‘light beings’ transcend all barriers of religion and beliefs to reach out to you and offer relief in your time of need. Children feel supported in an environment that opens to their world, so they may ask for more sessions when facing challenging issues at home or with school. Whether it’s an affirmations of what you already know to be true, a desire for learning and understanding or a revelation of the things you need to be aware of, the angels always deliver.

This service is non-denominational and Russell works with all faiths, even those who have no focus on spirituality or religion. The messengers from spirit that we call angels can fit many definitions or perspectives, so an experience offered by an angel reading provides a means to focus on how to have a closer connection to ourselves, to our beliefs, to the Earth, to God, Spirit, or the Oneness of life-force energy that connects every aspect of the world we live in.

Intuitive Readings

Intuitive readings are for all people, regardless of religious or spiritual beliefs. Intuitive readings transcend all barriers of religion and spirituality to meet you in your hour of need. Whether it’s affirmations of what you already know to be true, or revelations of things you need to be aware of, spirit always deliver. These sessions will leave you with a renewed sense of you’re not alone when it comes to dealing with the challenges that life offers. Intuitive readings can cover a variety of topics such as:

Health Readings usually involve Archangel Raphael as the channel that helps with messaging around lifestyle, energy, destructive behavior, illness, disharmony, unhealthy habits, or unhealthy attachments to people, outcomes, thoughts, or patterns. This type of reading can evoke the highest level of intuitive detective work. Health readings can also lead to discussion of topics that some might find uncomfortable. These readings usually include energy assessments and chakra readings.

Medical Intuitive Readings are similar to Health Readings, but the focus is narrowed to the scope of an illness or disharmony. An accurate energy assessment can help a client determine the root cause of an imbalance. Studies show there is evidence of a metaphysical cause for illness. Russell performs a 40 point energy assessment to help clients find the basis for illness and to get direction for connecting with the  profession tat can benefit them the most.

Love Readings are relationship based intuitive communication with angels, who are masters of love. The questions can include dating, meeting a soul mate, marriage, divorce, affairs, sex, abuse, and potential alignment with a partner. The advanced intuitive cannot be squeamish answering some of the most outlandish questions. This is where practice makes for a better communicator, one who holds no judgments toward a client who may have used questionable judgment in one area of their life.

Life-Purpose Readings are a frequent topic for the angels, as most want to know if they are on the correct path. This can be a subjective line of questioning as to whether a person is on the their path or not. Many people are dissatisfied with their job, chosen profession, partner, or some critical aspect of life, and may seek counsel from someone who can communicate with their angels for information regarding their life purpose.

Finance and Career Readings usually go together as the topics seem to blend well with each other, and sometimes with life purpose readings. The angels do not normally message directly about money, but they do see money and finances as energy. Many business people seek out the advice from angels on their next move, as do housewives, job seekers, students, and people from all walks of life. The angels give practical guidance around the energy of money and are usually very accurate with messaging and predictions.

Family Readings often dive into the topic of family with feelings of concern about a family member, their relationships, a particular challenge, or something health related. In today’s world, many families experience dysfunction at some level and the subject often involves issues of some form of abuse. The holidays often bring people to a place of needing guidance or coaching i order to better understand their place in the family. Death of a family member can also inspire people to seek the comfort of angelic messages, as can birth, marriage, divorce, and any issue that involves children.

Realm Readings can help with all of the readings listed above, and opens the channels to access the Akashic records. Every dream, thought, intention, deed, agreement, and lifetime are recorded in the fabric of the Universe. Any aspect of a past life or pre life energy can be accessed for the purpose of gaining information on soul groups, life purpose,  energetic drivers, lessons, blemishes on the soul from traumas, realm groups, and much more. A person’s realm can include the energy of a plane, a soul group, or a binary code of the Universe.

Location Readings can help a person who is considering a move or having a challenge in current location. Using what Russell calls the ‘Thrive Scale’, people can get a feel for how they will do in a new location, or discover issues that are creating a challenge in their current environment. By reading the potential ability to thrive in a current vibration, critical decisions can be made a certain level of clarity found in the hidden realms.


Remote Readings are done without the need for an appointment or interaction with the client. Russell will collect some information through email contact, usually asking for a photo image, birth date, and current location. By using his methods of scanning 40 points of the bioenergetic field, Russell can make determinations that lead to remote energy balance, a healing protocol, or a recommended path toward balance.

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