In an attempt to simplify the process of trying to decide what services are right for you, we have narrowed the choices. You can choose one hour appointments or two hour appointments. You don’t have to know which service is right for you if unsure, as we will determine that from the energy assessment.

One Hour Sessions

Generally speaking, one hour appointments are for readings, assessments, mentorship, coaching and follow-up from previous sessions. They are generally for all types of sessions, except those that include energy treatments. Two hour sessions are normally recommended if energy treatments are needed. The exception would be a regular client who already knows the reason they have scheduled and have little need for any discussion.

Two Hour Sessions 

These are generally for anyone that wants or needs an energy treatment, such as spirit release, chakra balancing, soul retrieval or anything that requires a crystal bed session. Most phone energy treatments can be done in an hour, depending on the length of time needed for discussion and assessment. Many people who choose karmic balancing, need two hours for the initial session to determine the needs. Many coaching sessions require two hours as well, once again depending on the needs

If you feel you only need 45 minutes, the session will end and you can exchange accordingly. It’s always better to have more time than to run short of the time needed to get the desired results.

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