Intuit the Energy of Love

The IEL Institute Program

A Multi-Level Intuitive Energy Training Program offered by Russell Forsyth and The IEL Institute

The Intuit the Energy of Love (IEL) Program emerged from Russell Forsyth’s extensive studies of the spiritual realm over a decade.  This body of work was born from a combination of practical teachings received from the spiritual domain, as well as from comprehensive studies with teachers such as Dr. Doreen Virtue and studies of the written work of Dr. William Baldwin, Dr. Marcel Vogel, Edgar Cayce, and other spiritual professors. It is the intention of this intuitive energy training to help people at all skill levels, from beginners to professionals in established practices, develop or advance their intuitive skills and knowledge of energy medicine.

Spiritual scientists, like Dr. Marcel Vogel, left valuable information related to quantum physics gained through laboratory experiments. Dr. Vogel was led to evidence-based discoveries that allowed for expansion around the concepts of healing the human mind, body and spirit.

The IEL Program developed through a decade of one-on-one private practice case studies. These studies developed further into a curriculum focused on teaching individuals how to improve their intuitive skills and then put that knowledge to work in a professional practice.

The “IEL” letters are an acronym for Intuit the Energy of Love. The inspiration for the name was derived from the history of angelic names ending with ‘iel’, such as Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Haniel, and Archangel Jophiel, which means “of God” or “of love.” All the teachings contained in the intuitive energy training are based in loving intentions and powered by the energy of love.

Beginner to master: 7 levels of training

There are currently seven levels to the IEL Program, beginning with the basic steps of connecting to spiritual guides. Only those who complete the first three levels of the IEL Program and their internships can qualify for certification of the Level IV Advanced Energy Intuitive certification and the Crystal Bed Practitioners Certification. Levels V, VI, and VII take the program to the masters level and brings forth information to bridge the gap between science and spirituality.

The IEL Program is taught through in-person workshops or through home study certification courses. The IEL Training Manual is a reference for intuitive readers, medical intuitive, energy practitioners, and modern shamans, and is the course workbook. Participants in the IEL Program also benefit from a mentorship program, a community of like-minded people, video support, additional resources, and a platform from which to launch an intuitive practice.

A description of each level and the other aspects of the IEL Program are described below.

IEL Level I

IEL Level I is the introduction to intuitive communication through a focus on angelic energies and spirit communication. This level teaches about the history, theories, tools, and methods used to connect with the angelic realm. The teachings include several ways to give an oracle card reading, the use of tools and methods proven to make solid connections, and sharing information that will virtually guarantee your natural intuitive abilities can be used to successfully communicate with the spirit world. Level I will help you identify the Ascended Masters and Archangels who are communicating, along with their areas of expertise, the colors of their energies, and the elements that help enhance the connection. This level also provides an introduction to the energy centers known as chakras and ways to identify disharmony in the energy centers of the body. You will learn methods of working with the angelic realm for clearing, charging, and balancing the chakras. More dedicated teachings regarding the chakras are continued in later sections.

IEL Level II

IEL Level II has a focus on mediumship, which is the art of connecting with deceased loved ones. This level will serve to advance understanding, skills, and use of intuitive gifts. Using mediumistic skills to connect to the lower vibrations of the spiritual realm, messages of love can come through to create profound healing and resolution. With exercises and techniques patterned after a world-class medium with over 25 years of experience, participants have used and repeated this training without an interest in pursuing the world of mediumship. The study of this dynamic subject can open the doors to a great opportunity for self-awareness, personal growth, expansion of consciousness, understanding energy, and intuitive skill development.

Level II will give you the knowledge to conduct a medium or channeling session, as you experience the secrets of being a successful medium. This level contains a section on the business of providing intuitive services and conducting an energy-based or intuitive practice. Proven business methods give a practical approach to creating clientele under a realistic, grounded business plan modeled after a successful practice.


IEL Level III is the first in the program that shifts the focus to the energy aspects of the intuitive certification process, and delves into the world of crystals. With information on the science behind a process developed by former IBM research scientist Dr. Marcel Vogel, one can gain confidence through knowledge of how energy healing works to balance emotions, remove blocks, and build strength through wellness. Crystal therapy can create an intense experience of energy movement with dramatic results, through the use of fine-cut crystals and the art of using forced breath. Next, Level III brings forth the teachings on entrainment with sound vibrations, the subject of binaural beats, and the future of using sound vibrational energy as medicine. Level III concludes with the dynamic subject of spirit release. From the ancient history of the subject of spirit release, to the modern-day application of this unique and effective form of healing, this subject will forever change the way you view life and the afterlife.

IEL Level IV

IEL Level IV is the advanced energy intuitive certification that delivers the circle of completion and clarity to the first three levels of the IEL Program. This section includes understanding the multi-dimensional bodies, how to conduct an energy assessment, and the study of the use of color light as therapy. Learning how you can become a crystal bed practitioner is included with the operation of the Forsyth Crystal Light Table©, furthering the understanding of the aura, magnetic energy, and healing portals to the angelic realm.

Level IV also combines the functional application of the first three levels in the IEL Program through the operation of the Forsyth Crystal Light Table and the process of conducting an energy session. Whether attending the workshop event, or using the home study curriculum and participating in the mentorship program, this level provides an opportunity to advance your skills, your practice and your desire to be in service.

IEL Level V

IEL Level V intends to create understanding around what might be described as some of the most subtle forms of energy found in the human experience. Only those who are ready to engage in the teachings of soul retrieval, past life energy, and the subject of body polarity will enter the masters level program. The most advanced energy teachings are here to be used as a resource of knowledge, and the use of the language that serves to bridge the teachings with real world application. Level V can help the intuitive know his or her place in the healing arts. As part of the IEL Program, this section can be used as a practical resource whenever encountering the unknown aspects of spiritual intuitive assessments, the science of energy, and the issues that can arise with clients as it relates to your practice.

IEL Level VI

IEL Level VI brings the advanced teachings to the master level of information, with sections on karmic energy, the endocrine gland system, and the subject of dark force energies. Using this information can help the intuitive access critical information that could lead to the profound healing of emotional wounds and the balancing of residual energy. Level VI moves into deeper advanced concepts regarding the way energy moves in and around the human experience. Karmic energy can be important to understand for the practitioner, especially with regard to karmic cords and the methods used to release negative energies. The endocrine gland system can serve to illuminate the energy of the soul collected between lifetimes with regard to awakening energies, life purpose, personalities, challenges, and soul contracts. This part of the program can provide profound insights into the journey of the soul, while providing clear, accurate methods that can ultimately help you lead your client to wellness.


IEL Level VII completes the master level of the IEL Program, with information on integrative medicine, emotions and their impact on health, and an A-Z reference on the spiritual meaning of illness. The energy practitioner learns how his or her work is complementary to traditional medicine, which is quickly becoming recognized in integrative medical facilities throughout the world. Level VII also looks at life-force energy and the underlying causes of restricted energy flow in the organs and endocrine system. Edgar Cayce’s teachings on energy and illness, and some examples of master level assessments and case studies complete the IEL Masters Program.


The Austin-based IEL Institute Program workshop series currently consists of two semesters annually, a Winter/Spring semester and a Summer/Fall Semester. There are no restrictions as to the order in which you take the classes. Only those who complete the first three levels of the IEL Program, along with the completion of their internship requirements, can qualify for the Level IV Advanced Energy Certification Course. The home study course is self-paced and can be completed at any time, regardless of the in-person workshop semesters.


All levels of the IEL Program have an internship that is required for final certifications for those seeking professional or personal advancement. Each level consists of exercises, followed by giving intern readings or energy sessions to further the teachings with experience outside the study of the program curriculum. The internship must be verified by the IEL administrator prior to the final certification.

Note: Anyone can complete the intuitive energy training without the internship requirement if only seeking personal growth. Internships are recommended for experiential aspects of the teachings.


Private mentorship and intuitive coaching is available through the IEL Program. Mentorship packages are suggested with each section or with the purchase of the entire IEL Program.

General information

The IEL Program is designed to help beginners, while also speaking to seasoned professionals who have established practices. People with training in some of the specific areas of the IEL Program can request completion of the certifications without taking all of the required courses. This individual would need to demonstrate knowledge of the subject, or produce certifications with other teachers, in order to qualify for the honorary certification to that IEL Level in the program.

Anyone interested in purchasing a Forsyth Crystal Light Table© is eligible to receive the resource guide as part of the purchase of the light table.


Graduates of the IEL Program can be linked to the website with a listing as a qualified practitioner, medium, intuitive, crystal bed practitioner, medical intuitive, energy healer, or some other expressed specialty.

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