Russell was guided to ask for Equal Energy Exchange as the form of payment for his services. This means that each person will determine the amount they pay as a gift based on three things.

1) how much each individual feels they received from the session

2) what is fair with regards to each person’s current financial situation

3) what a person’s intuition is telling them is the right amount

This allows everyone to have a session regardless of the money. If someone is uncomfortable with the energy exchange as described, the suggested amount is $100-200 an hour.

Keeping it equal for everyone means that Russell gets to continue his service work. If someone steps out of integrity in this area, it creates energy leaks around money for Russell, his family, and his clients. It is important to address the financial aspect for energetic reasons. If a person fails to address or make the exchange, a gentle reminder is sent out. Russell generally does not see a client if there is an exchange left open from the previous session, or if they do repeated sessions with little to no exchange.

It has been Russell’s experience that those who focus on keeping the energy exchange equal and balanced are the one who experience the best results. The reasoning behind this is that the fair exchange “sets the energy” from the session.

“I love your concept of an energy exchange and that type of higher level thinking and framing with any form of engagement.” KW

Feel free to send me any questions about the exchange.

Notice May 2022: Due to an increase with people not honoring Russell’s model of trust, he is on the verge of charging flat rate fees before a session can be booked. After 16 years of service without a fee structure, Russell still wants to make this work. If you have no money or very little to exchange, please contact Russell at with an inquiry regarding services. Please include a brief description of what you are seeking, any issues you can share, and symptoms you are currently experiencing. Russell will look for options that will serve the greater good for all concerned, so the equal energy exchange model of trust can be maintained.

Click the Make Payment Button below to pay with a credit card:


Other Payment Options:

Venmo App – Pay to Russell-Forsyth. There are other Russell Forsyths out there, so make sure you see my picture with the blue background

Paypal – Use my email address and pay with family and friends

Call us – you can call Beckie at (512) 999-8478 to take your credit card or make arrangements for the exchange

Blessings, and may all your gifts return to you many times over, Russell