Overview of the IEL Institute Program

Intuit the Energy of Love

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IEL Institute Level I (two day event)
Intuitive Communication Certification

“Angel Whispers”

Level I  is the introduction to intuitive communication through the focus on angelic energies and communication. This level teaches about the history and discoveries made with the angelic realm, to bring the tools and information needed to intuitively connect to this realm. The teachings include several ways to give an oracle card reading, using a tool to make a connection, and sharing information that will guarantee your ability to connect with confidence. Level I will help you know archangels, their areas of expertise, the color of their energy and the stones that help enhance the connection. This level also provides an introduction to the energy centers known as chakras and methods of working with the angelic realm for clearing, charging, and balancing energy.


IEL Institute Level II (two day event)
Advanced Intuitive Communication Certification

“Conducting a Medium Session”
“The Intuitive Business Model”

Level II has a focus on mediumship, which is the art of connecting with deceased loved ones. This level is guaranteed to further your understanding and use of your intuitive gifts. Using mediumistic skills to connect to the lower vibrations of the spiritual realm, messages of love can come through to create profound healing and resolution. With exercises and techniques patterned after a world class medium with decades of experience, some participants have used and repeated this training without an interest in pursuing the professional world of mediumship. The study of this dynamic subject can open the doors to the largest opportunity for self awareness, personal growth, understanding energy, and intuitive skill development. Level II will leave you with the knowledge to conduct a medium or channeling session as you experience the secrets of being a medium. This level also contains a section on the business of intuitive services offering a practical approach to creating clientele with a realistic business plan.


IEL Institute Level III (3-one day events)
Energy Intuitive Certification

“Crystal Therapy”  (one day event on crystal release method)
“Sound Vibrational Medicine” (one day event)
“Spirit Release” (one day event)

Level III is the first in a series to develop the energy intuitive certification, and delves into the world of crystals and the science behind a process developed by Dr Marcel Vogel. The crystal release method can be an intense experience of energy movement with dramatic results, through the use of fine-cut crystals and breath. Level III also brings the dynamic subject of spirit release, to the table of understanding. From the dynamic history of the subject of spirit release, to the modern-day application of this unique and effective form of healing, this subject will forever change the way you view life. Level III brings the information the use of sound vibrations, the importance of this aspect with the FCLT, and the future of using sound vibration energy as medicine.


IEL Institute Level IV (two day event)
Advanced Energy Intuitive Certification

“Multi-Dimensional Bodies”
“Energy Assessment”
“The Energy Practitioner”

Level IV is the advanced intuitive energy certification that brings clarity to the first three levels of the IEL Program, with a learning segue into the focus on energy movement in the human body. At a level that includes how to conduct an energy assessments along with the hands on use of the FCLT, the study of energy goes deeper in the use of color light as therapy, the features of the aura, magnetic energy, and the understanding of the multi-dimensional bodies. Level IV also offers the experience of combining the functional application of the first three levels in the IEL program, through the operation of a light table or conducting an energy sessions. Limited to a few people, this level provides an opportunity to have all your questions answered, while taking a deeper look at the chakras to round out the teachings.


IEL Institute Level V (3-one day events)
Master Energy Intuitive Certification

“Soul Retrieval”
“Past Life Energy”
“Polarity Reversal”

Level V attempts to create understanding around what might be described as some of the most subtle forms of energy found in the human experience. Only those who are ready to engage in the teachings of soul fragmentation and retrieval, past life energy and the subject of body energy polarity. The most advanced energy teachings are to here to be used as a resource of knowledge and terms for those who are beginning their practice, or for those who have been practicing body energy applications for the past several years. Level V can help the intuitive know their place or the position they seek to hold in the area of service. As part of the IEL Program, this section can be used as a practical resource whenever coming up against the unknown aspects of spiritual teachings and the science of energy.


IEL Institute Level VI
Advanced Masters Certification

“Karmic Energy” (2-day event)
“Endocrine Glands”
“Dark Force Energy”

Level VI brings the advanced teachings that begin the master levels of  information, with sections on karmic energy, the endocrine gland system, and the subject of dark force energies. Using this information can help the intuitive access critical information that could lead to profound levels of healing emotional wounds. Level VI moves into deeper advanced concepts regarding the way energy moves in and around the human body. Karmic Energy can be important to understand for the practitioner, especially with regards to karmic cords and the benefit to releasing from those energies. The endocrine gland system can have a relationship with after life realms and awakening energies, so this study can provide insights into the human journey to unveil the deeper meaning of life. Dark Force Energies are presented in the Level VI information to present different belief systems and how they might affect the individual.


IEL Institute Level VII
Masters Certification

“Spiritual Disharmony”
“Integrative Medicine”
“Life Force Energy”

Level VII completes the master level of the IEL Institute Program, with information on integrative medicine, emotions and their impact health, and on the spiritual meaning of illnesses. The energy practitioner learns how their work is complimentary to traditional medicine, which is quickly becoming recognized in integrative medical facilities through the world. Level VII also looks at life force energy and the underlying causes of restricted energy flow in the organs and endocrine system. These last three sections complete the IEL Institute twenty-one section reference guide book and resource manual.