Who can benefit from a crystal light table session?

The Forsyth Crystal Light Table can used for a variety of reasons, including seeking alternative ways to deal with the damaging effects of stress, the release of negative emotions, the balance of emotional energy, the path to peace, the return to sovereignty, or simply having an experience that lifts the heart. Learn more about a Forsyth Crystal Light Table session.

What will an individual experience during a crystal light table session?

Each session can create a different experience based on intention. For some, the session might be described as a non-event, while for others, the session is akin to a Disney experience. But the session doesn’t necessarily end with the appointment, as the integration of energy and the results from the movement can continue for days, months, or even years with the unfolding of the desired shift. Some common reports are:

  • shudders or shakes
  • stomach noises
  • hot or cold air or energy movement, especially in the extremities
  • angelic healing usually described as the feeling of hands on the body
  • pressure changes around the body
  • visions or regressions that can include other lifetimes
  • interactions with spirits, loved ones, masters, guides, or angels
  • Reiki states that include energy snoring
  • altered states of consciousness or shifts in brain wave activity
  • receiving messages, answers, or guidance (Learn more)

What are some of the benefits of a crystal light table session?

  • chakra clearing
  • endocrine gland energy balancing
  • past life healing
  • increased intuitive skills and growth in consciousness
  • clarity
  • feeling the nervous system has been rebooted
  • aura cleansing
  • release of blocked emotions
  • balancing energy around emotional scars and trauma
  • release of addictions
  • return to sovereignty
  • inner child restoration
  • improved relationships
  • greater ability to forgive (Learn more)

How often should I schedule a light table session?

Some choose periodic energy tune-ups for optimum health, while other clients schedule a series of appointments with an intentional focus on specific issues or challenges. For many clients, one session is sufficient as a catalyst for achieving their goals. Each session can be measured for results to determine the need for additional sessions. Schedule your session now.

How long does a light table session last?

The complete assessment of energy, the intuitive impressions, the establishment of intentions, and the light table experience usually last two hours in a session with Russell. Two hours are needed for a complete light table session, especially for new clients. The session time can be scaled back once the criteria has been established. The time on the table ranges from ten minutes, for children and the severely ill, to 45 minutes for deep cleansing and energy shifting. Multiple sessions offer the option to spend one-hour on the light table, but these sessions leave little time for talk.

What is functional integration, and why is it important?

Functional integration is the time it takes for the body to come into full balance following a session. Transformation occurs over a period of time, while transmutation is an instantaneous effect. Both occur with the light table. The deeper the issue, the more likely the need for time to restore completely. The practitioner will work with the client to determine the integration period that follows any energy session. During this time, there are suggestions for the best way to integrate the energy. These suggestions include self-care, grounding, and avoiding more energy work as the body comes into full balance.

Can sessions be done remotely? 

Everyone can experience the light table, whether in person or across the globe. The remote sessions are done at pre-arranged times. The client will be asked to lie down for 45 minutes to an hour as they receive the energy at the same time the light table is operated. The energy is directed through ether to arrive infused with your intentions and connected to divine love. (Learn more) 

What kind of people are seeking the light table experience?

Any person can benefit from a light table experience. Russell has worked on all ages, from 3 months to 105 years of age. Doctors, lawyers, nurses, healers, managers, musicians, students, clinical psychologists, teachers, and people from all walks of life and all races have been drawn to the experience and have shared testimonials.

Since Russell’s work is non-denominational, he has seen people from all religions and spiritual paths. The only belief needed to support the successful shift of energy is the knowing that everyone has a natural, innate, organic ability to heal.

How much does it cost?

Russell has a unique pricing method that allows everyone to get service, regardless of their financial situation. You can read more about Russell’s model for pricing.

What if I need to cancel?

You can call or go online to cancel your appointment. If you cancel within 24 hours of the appointment, or if you don’t show up without cancelling, it is recommended that you exchange for the appointment. Russell’s pricing and services are built on a model of trust and personal integrity. It is a simple process to cancel and reschedule, so if the client does not show or communicate, they will be blocked from any future considerations for an appointment.

What is an energy assessment?

Russell uses a method he developed to do an in-depth scan of human energy. (Learn more) The scope of an energy investigation illuminates imbalances, helping to target any energetic disharmony. The energy assessment can lead to energy balancing or the guidance toward another professional that can be effective with the issue.

Do I have to come in for an energy assessment?

No. Russell uses a photo image, birthdate, and geographic location to do a remote energy scan. This process does not require a session time on the calendar or direct communication with the client. (Learn more)

Can I learn to do an energy assessment?

Russell developed a training program for intuitive readers, energy healers, the medical intuitive, and the modern shaman. The IEL Institute for the Spiritual Arts offers a multi-level program, a community of like minds, resources, and access to mentors, through an online platform and in person events. The program can help an individual reach master level skills with addressing human energy. The program offers a step-by-step protocol, case studies, a certified teachers program, internship certification, and easy to follow techniques with proven results. 

Can Russell intuitively read other people at my request?

Not without their expressed permission, unless they are a minor and the request comes from a parent or grandparent with the parents approval.

What type of session should I select for the first time?

For first time in-person (Austin), we recommend a two hour all inclusive session. This allows time to get to know each other, a complete energy assessment, a reading, and an energy balancing experience. For phone or Skype, a one-hour introduction is recommended, unless there is a specific issue listed under services that allows the time needed. (Learn more about sessions)

What type of session do I need for energy balancing?

We always recommend the two hour light table session for in-person treatments. If you are a regular client, the light table can be done in an hour session, but that leaves limited time for conversation. If there is a need to thirty minutes of dialogue, the one-hour session is simply not enough. (Learn more) 

How many sessions does it take to balance my energy?

Many people get what they need in one session, but long standing issues generally correct as if by magic. Some people find benefit to a weekly session for an extended period until all energy systems find balance.

How long does the functional integration take (the time it takes for the body to transform the energy) between sessions?

The integration period varies from zero to 12 months (extreme case) depending on the issue and how long it has been present? Russell will estimate the integration period and work with the client throughout the process with specific instructions.

How many sessions would be considered beneficial with deep-seated trauma or long-term imbalances?

The general rule would be four sessions spread out over a few months to allow for full functional integration.

What is the difference between Russell’s sessions and Beckie’s sessions?

Russell has years of training and experience with energy healing. While Beckie is extremely intuitive, she prefers not to do in-depth readings. For a detailed assessment and intuitive reading, you want to select Russell. Beckie’s gift is around her alchemy bowls, which offer pure ones infused with different properties of gemstones, minerals, and metals. The alchemy experience on the crystal light table is unlike any other experience. (Learn more about Beckie)

What is the Forsyth Crystal Light Table©?

The FCLT© is a unique energy balancing device invented by Russell. Used with thousands of clients to achieve beneficial results, the FCLT© is now in the hands of practitioners around the globe. Combining the modalities of magnetic therapy, chromo therapy, sound vibration therapy, the latest crystal therapy with a secret element that some refer to as a ‘God portal’ or ‘dimensional gate’, the FCLT© experience is unique in the world. The device is used to address energetic issues by relieving tension in the body, and opening the energy channels to facilitate wellness. Some have referred to the FCLT© as acupuncture without the needles. Every session provides a unique experience based on intent and individual energy systems, so that each process is custom tailored to the individual. (Learn more)

What is the community light table?

The community light table offers a private session on the Forsyth Crystal light Table© available during open hours. The mini-spa treatment leaves the client alone in the room while they listen to the meditations on headphones, creating their own unique stress relieving energy balancing experience. (Learn more)

Can I get my own light table?

Russell custom builds the Forsyth Crystal Light Table©  for others around the world. Each table is built to the intentions and specifications of the individual, and comes complete with a training program valued at over $2,000. The light table has a proven track record of success with thousands of clients having experienced the benefits of this unique human energy healing device. Order yours here!

How do I book a session?

You can call (512) 999-8478 to schedule or you can book online by following the link.

What is a remote session?

The remote session is done without the client in direct communication with Russell. They are sometimes done in the middle of the night for ease of transition, or at a prescribed time when the client can simply rest and receive. There is no appointment necessary for a remote session, simply use the contact form to make the request. (Learn more)

What are others saying about their experience?

Russell has several hundred five-star reviews. The services are unmatched in the field, which demonstrates Russell’s skills, wisdom, and integrity. Read a few here.

What about training?

Russell, Beckie, and other teachers have developed an Institute that offers 24 hour online training with a variety of metaphysical subjects. With an internship, anyone can become certified in a variety of areas by using the free membership platform. Join the community of like minds to experience your second family. (Learn more about the IEL Institute for the Spiritual Arts)

What if I am concerned about working with an intuitive?

Russell’s background anchors him in strong faith that allows him to offer safe haven to discuss concerns and issues. He takes pride in the clean, gentle, welcoming environment that Beckie and Russell have created. Most people comment on a sense of peace when they enter the sacred space filled with love. Russell often sees people who are interested in a first-time experience and can explain the answers to any concern questions. Russell holds a ‘do no harm’ intention as his foremost focus and is ordained, for those concerned about following a church doctrine.

What are the hours of operation?

Since Russell does workshops and travels, currently he only performs session work once a month on Saturday. He does not work on Sunday to spend time resting with family. Monday and Thursday he works 1-6, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, he works 10-5 with a lunch break from noon to 1pm each day.

What if I have a question that is not on this page?

Simply fill out the form provided and ask away. Russell takes pride in answering all questions by email within a few hours in most cases. Contact Russell

What is the best way to contact Russell?

Russel is hard to reach on the phone due to his session work, but Beckie can answer most questions by call (512) 999-8478. To book a session online, or fill out the contact form to communicate directly with Russell by email.