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The Community Light Table offers an opportunity for anyone to experience the Forsyth Crystal Light Table. A facilitator will assist you in charging your crystal with any intention you bring.  You will then be left alone for a personal experience in the privacy of a dedicated space. The one hour session offers a 45 minute recorded experience that includes a meditation and the sounds of singing bowls.  Create your personal experience for energy balancing, chakra clearing, stress reduction, and energy movement based on your intentions.

The recordings used during these sessions have been infused for healing and wellness, and offer a powerful transmission of energy during a Community Light Table session. Russell and Beckie have been using this method for years to reboot the nervous system and clear away the residue of life’s challenges. This type of session offers a personal experience free of intuitive reading or assessment by a practitioner, as a way to accept your personal power and create your own healing in a private setting.

Energy Exchange (pricing) is determined by what value you feel you received and your current financial situation.

Simply schedule your session during business hours of operation and come prepared for your transformative experience.