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Hello, and welcome! We’re happy you’re connecting with Russell and Beckie Forsyth, two beautiful souls who share this life mission:

Bring joy, ease suffering, and create beauty.

Russell and Beckie are dedicated to the spiritual healing arts and to ontology, which is the philosophical study of being as it relates to the metaphysical. And over the years, their gifts and offerings have helped many people in countless ways.

Areas of Expertise

Russell has been in private practice for more than 12 years. In that time he has honed his skills in several areas related to the bioenergetic field and the metaphysical. Part of his expertise is found in the ability to make determinations regarding human energy flow and balance. His accuracy in this area can lead to energetic balance, release from the traumas of the past, medical-related insights, business coaching, life path readings, and more. Russell’s focus is more on results that methodology, which means that every session can be a unique experience that attunes to the energy of Divine Love to help bring profound transformation. 


We invite you to allow your divinely inspired curiosity to guide you, and discover how working with Russell or Beckie can help reconnect you to the infinite power of love within us all.

Intuitive Readings are for all ages and walks of life. Angels transcend all barriers of religion and spirituality to reach out to you in your hour of need. Whether it’s affirmations of what you already know to be true, or revelations of things you need to be aware of, the angels always deliver. An Angel Reading with Russell Forsyth will use methods designed to help connect with your angels for loving messages about your life. These sessions will leave you with a renewed sense of ‘you’re not alone’ when it comes to dealing with the challenges that life offers.

Beckie’s calling is facilitating gentle yet powerful healing through music and sound. When she plays her twelve Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, you will be bathed in sounds that hold transformational properties from crystals, minerals, metals, and gemstones.

Energy testing is part of every session, which can lead to insights and focused intentions. Remote Energy Testing and Remote Energy Healing are services we offer. The Forsyth Crystal Light Table can be used in sessions such as, energy balancingSoul RetrievalIntuitive Readings, Crystal Therapy, Spirit Release, Karmic Energy Balancing, Coaching, Burning Questions, manifestations, resolving health issue or anything that addresses your needs. Be sure and visit our frequently asked questions page to get more information!

The IEL Institute provides comprehensive Intuitive Training

Russell is the founder of the IEL Institute for the Spiritual Arts, which provides seven levels of beginner to advanced teachings of the metaphysical, and focused on personal growth and professional expertise with the comprehensive intuitive training course. He is also the inventor of the Forsyth Crystal Light Table©, which creates dramatic energy balancing results through the synergistic combining of crystal therapy, chromotherapy, sound vibration therapy, and magnetic therapy.

Crystal Light and Sound

At our online store, Crystal Light and Sound, you can purchase your own true Vogel Crystal wands and crystal jewelry along with amazing crystal wands and sculptures by Lawrence Stoller from our Crystal Shop. Pendulums, crystal bowls and custom strikers, Russell’s meditations, and CD’s are also available from the Crystal Shop!

Please explore the website to learn more about Russell Forsyth and Beckie Forsyth.


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