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Renowned clinical psychologist Dr. William Baldwin believe that 70-100% of our population is affected by soul fragmentation, a condition that can result from trauma in this life or in a previous one. A traumatic event can create a type of energy separation that occurs in the etheric body, also known as the energy body or the soul.

The human body is a complex organism that is organized under many dimensions. Within each dimension, there is an opportunity for disharmony that can lead to emotional distress, illness or disease. In some cases, the cause is biological or chemical in nature. But most of the time, there can be an energetic component at the root of the disorder, and the chemical or biological imbalance that is occurring is merely a symptom of a greater underlying cause.

Focusing on the soul for healing

Each person has a story, or a soul journey, that can affect the relationship between the soul and the physical body within the current incarnation. By bringing a focus to the soul, we can find ways to undo the negative affects that energy may impose on the body.

According to Dr. Baldwin, these missing fragments can be located in various parts of the body, such as the organs. A missing piece might limit the energy movement within those areas, leading to the manifestation of disease and illness. So he writes the following:

“In indigenous cultures, sickness was thought to be caused by the loss of one’s soul, or part of it. The shaman journeyed into the underworld, the upper world, or wherever the soul fragment had gone, to retrieve the soul and return it to the sick person, restoring wholeness and health.” 

“In clinical practice, we have found that some of these splits or fragments actually separate from the person, much like the out-of-body experience (OOBE). Each fragment remains connected to the core consciousness in the physical body by a silver thread, a part of the silver cord connecting the soul to body. Many clients in altered states can perceive this silver thread connection. In some reported cases of out-of-body experience, people perceive a “cord of light” connecting their physical body with the location of their consciousness.”

“In the literature on multiple personality, the sufferers, more often women than men, describe splitting away psychically, actually leaving the body during sexual abuse. Combat veterans often sustain severe fragmentation during life-threatening firefights. A serious traffic accident, even a narrowly missed collision, can cause a fragment to separate and move toward the Light, assuming it has died. The shock and the emotional impact of the trauma on the psyche, can lead to a fragmentation of the consciousness, the soul essence.”

What causes soul fragmentation?

Soul fragmentation can occur from a major traumatic event as Dr. Baldwin describes, furthermore a split can take place from an event as subtle as a disapproving glance from a parent, teacher or someone you love and honor. A person can be bullied to the point that their personality splits or one could lose a loved one…….or experience another form of loss or abuse. All of these experiences could be viewed as something short of trauma in the eyes of some, but to the soul, the impact might be devastating and unavoidable.

What are the types of soul fragmentation?

The question of fragmentation can be further defined with categories that describe the various types that can occur.

Transfer: Soul Fragmentation can result from experiencing being partially out of the body.

Disappearing: This can occur when the child is verbally, mentally or physically abused by a parent or sibling in a dysfunctional family, typically of a child with alcoholic parents, as they are told ‘children are meant to be seen and not heard’. The child will literally try to disappear in the eyes of the abuser. As adults, these experiences may cause the person to fade and become a wallflower. After a gathering, some might have trouble recalling that person was even there for the event because of the fading effect.

Division: This stems from emotional trauma such as a violent argument or a broken heart, but can be from a physical trauma resulting from a combat situation. The soul could divide and retreat to a safe distance during time of rape, accidents, surgeries, amputations and thoughts of imminent death or suicide.

Exchanging: People in relationships often exchange soul fragments within a love relationship, parent and child relationship, or any other close interaction. An event, such as death, triggers the exchange of soul fragments. Any event that brings terror between two people, even if they are total strangers, can lead to the evacuation of soul fragments.

Compromise: One person gains power over another person leading to the soul being compromised. This often occurs during acts of sexual molestation, or as the result of a curse or some other form of external influence that creates a shift.

People often use language that expressed the need for a retrieval. “When this happens I fall to pieces” or “I faced a situation and didn’t feel together” or some variation on the wording. If a person has been experiencing personal and spiritual growth, the Soul Retrieval may be the final piece to the puzzle and a completion to years of hard effort. Dr Baldwin writes “Each fragment contains a connected consciousness, like a hologram, that contains a complete replica of a total conscious that knows the whole and complete connection to God or the Highest Power. Each fragment has a memory of that perfect state of being, and therefore keeps a perpetual movement toward the eventual reunion that is destined to occur.

Dr Baldwin further explains “To access information in the spiritual domain, one must find an altered state that allows for a retrieval of the fragments. The fragment can be found in the time and location of the trauma or even a joyous event. These fragment locations can be spread throughout the Universe. Once the fragment is found, it is welcomed back into the body/mind space, like returning a piece of the jigsaw puzzle. 

The return creates the ability to heal, to love and trust, to forgive, or to retrieve some other emotional energy or essence that was lost. Lives can be changed forever and unlike most healing experiences, instead of releasing or letting go, your essence becomes focused on finding that piece of yourself which was missing. The returning fragment becomes the gift of an emotional ability or a quality, such as honesty, loyalty or even increased psychic abilities.”

Returning home to yourself

Upon return of the fragments, an integration period follows. In some cases, an transmutation occurs and an instantaneous balance is achieved. Fears, beliefs and negative behavior patterns evaporate into thin air. While in other cases, mostly past life fragmentations, the soul retrieval may take an extended period of functional integration for the full balance to be completed. Then it becomes a matter of releasing the body memory that may be repeating the old patterns. Through a focused intention, everyone has the ability to create positive change in their lives.

Dr Baldwin goes on to conclude: “We discover some degree of fragmentation in nearly every client we see in our private counseling practice. Who among us has not suffered at least some minor trauma in life? Fragmentation as the source of illness is an important concept in the native healing traditions. It may prove to be an important thread in the rich tapestry of holistic healing.”

Contact Russell for a short test to see if you might be a candidate for a Soul Retrieval and find benefit with the energy work that facilitates the return of any type of fragmentation.