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Crystal technology from a research scientist

It was during his research on the construction of the Forsyth Crystal Light Table©, that Russell came across the teachings of Dr. Marcel Vogel and his Vogel-Cut® technology used for cutting crystals that are specific to movement of energy. Upon receiving his first “Angel Cut®” crystal wand”, Russell began using Dr. Vogel’s crystal release method and combined it with his intuitive impressions and angelic connection to create stunning results. With this unique combination of modalities, Russell is able to intuitively guide his client through a session divinely prescribed for them and their circumstances. Deep emotional issues can surface to be lifted as a way of letting go of blocks or limitations.

Asking the important questions

Russell has conducted workshops in this area that combines ancient wisdom with today’s modern technologies to produce the life-changing effects contained in body energy movement with the understanding that synthesizes wisdom into love. Russell always asks the recipients of these sessions “what can you share regarding the lessons you’ve learned from your challenging experience”, “do you hold the belief that you have the natural ability to heal?” and “are you ready to leave your old life behind?”. So be prepared to answer this question for yourself, should you be guided to receive a crystal release session.

If you have a desire to make positive life changes in any area, find resonance with connecting breath to energy movement and are intuitive or familiar with body talk, this could be the alternative approach you have been seeking. These sessions, when limited to a narrowed focus, usually last an hour and it is recommended that allow for some process time following a crystal release.

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