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Russell brings the wisdom gained from his own experiences and a grounded approach to dealing with life issues, in order to facilitate truthful perspectives that are free from personal judgments. His way of combining personal knowledge with angelic connections creates a unique style of coaching or spiritual counseling. Russell can be an integral member of your team that includes all of your life helpers. The higher realms can convey brilliant information and grounded guidance that support your transitions and bring clarity to the canvas of your life.

This blend of counseling and angelic guidance is a unique and new approach to coaching that will gently facilitate the desired changes you wish to make in your life, while giving you safety and security in the way you are receiving information affecting your decisions.

These spiritual counseling sessions can include energy assessment, identification of blocks, future predictions, intuitive impressions or whatever is the best match for your intentions and the way you prefer to work with information. Goal-setting, expressing the heart’s true desires, clarity around motivation, setting intentions and looking at the serving nature of the direction of your energy can help produce the road map for your future.