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Russell went to Hawaii in November of 2008 and received certification with Doreen Virtue for attendance in the Advanced ATP© class. Part of that training was an the area of study around spirit possession and the process of spirit release. 

Spirit Release is defined as the process of helping another human soul into the loving light of the Divine. Exorcism is a casting of a spirit into a demonic darkness. In 553 AD, the Second Council of Constantinople removed all language from the Bible regarding reincarnation. Prior to that, spirit release was part of the practice of healing from ancient times. Jesus, King Solomon, and the mother of Buddha used spirit release in their healing work.

The study of Spirit Possession picked up momentum around the mid-1800’s and the worlds foremost authority on the subject in our time, who believed that most people in our society carry an average of three spirit attachments, is a man named William J Baldwin. He passed away in 2004 having written books such as “Spirit Releasement Therapy: A Technique Manual" that is described as:

“Spirit Releasement Therapy is a special form of healing which "calls forth" and identifies positive energies that enhance personal growth, and clears negative energies (whether internally generated or externally attached) that restrict personal growth—on levels ranging from cellular consciousness to the angelic realms.”

For two decades, William Baldwin was a pioneer in the ever-expanding therapeutic fields of Spirit Releasement, Past Life Regression, and Soul-Mind Fragmentation. In his Florida practice, he used these therapies routinely to help patients who suffer from Dissociative Trance and Dissociative Identity (formerly called Multiple Personality) Disorders.
Another book by William Baldwin, ‘Healing Lost Souls’ explains the attributes of each therapy in everyday language while providing dozens of case studies to illustrate its clinical use. Likening his work to the ancient practice of shamanism, Baldwin found that psychological disorders are often rooted in past life traumas, the interference of attached entities of various origins, and the fragmentation of one’s soul. Baldwin stresses the importance of active patient participation throughout the stages of regression, as well as the need to treat encountered entities with respect, since they are often mere lost souls as bewildered and frightened as the patients themselves.

Since beginning work in the spiritual field, Russell has had several experiences in this area and has worked on clearing negative energy from clients and old houses, which took him back into his first field of expertise and 30 year career as a historic restoration contractor. Russell has been guided to work in this area and in doing so, has experienced the process of spirit release as an extremely loving, peaceful and rewarding exchange of energy.

As a witness to profound personal empowerment with such a release, the benefits can be wide-ranging with life altering effects. In addition, the release can take on many forms and simplified into a single intention of eliminating an unhealthy attachment. There is a process of determination that can reveal issues around this type of energy disruption leading to treatment and major results in just one visit. Some of the symptoms of having a spirit in your energy, are accident proneness, sleep disorders, unexplained weight gain, depression, food issues, rashes or allergies, chronic fatigue, acting out of character, gender confusion, thoughts of suicide, change in appearance, relationship issues and leaks around money. 

This type of energy disruption can ultimately lead to major imbalances in the body and experts believe it can be the basis for health issues. In extreme cases, some people are diagnosed as having mental disorders such as schizophrenia, multiple personality disorder, and bipolar disorder, just to name a few.

Russell has been guided to add this service to help educate people and assist in the release of anything that can be described as an unhealthy negative attachment. This has been successful in person, by using remote methods, by phone or Skype, and by using guided recordings in some cases.

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