Angel Whispers – Lighten Up!

It could be said that I’m a people-watcher, which means I’m content to sit back and watch my surroundings. I love to observe human nature. One thing I have noticed is that people are very serious. (tee hee) I can be a serious guy myself, but not to the extent of being unable to have a good laugh. Lately, I’ve been around some people who never smile, much less laugh. The world is a dangerous place and I understand the challenges, but there has to be time to lighten up.

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The inability to laugh is connected to a nervous system that is dysregulated. Laughter is the best medicine, but can happen only when your nervous system lets go. The nervous system is a complex network of body parts, each one responding to stimuli to insure overall wellness and good health. Chronic stress, trauma, and genetics can impact the system to cause dysregulation.

An unconscious part of us controls heart rate, respiratory, and digestion. The ‘fight or flight’ response is an automatic function of the nervous system. Feeling overwhelmed and having low self-esteem are associated with the inability to laugh. Irritability, intense reactions, mood swings, and a racing mind are signs of dysregulation. Let’s regulate the nervous systems with the calming effect of a whisper on how to lighten up!

Humans are facing increasing threats to their survival in ways not previously experienced. Everyone carries the burden of their dharma. Reaching emptiness requires letting go and turning to faith for answers. To lighten up is to pause long enough to see beauty in the world, followed by a sense of gratitude. Life is a gift, and every day holds something meaningful.

The challenge of facing a harsh reality can easily overwhelm the sensitive individual. Many will numb their senses in order to avoid their feelings. Interrupting the processing of emotions will inhibit maturity and the evolving psyche. With systems locked in a fight-or-flight response, there is no natural way to let go and lighten up.

Your nervous system can begin to dysregulate in subtle ways. This can happen without awareness. One result is the human body holding onto a negative charge. Elliptical spin can reverse under these conditions. With reversal, the aura cannot function. Absorption of energy from the environment can occur when the aura is compromised. It takes great love to return to balance with a positive charge. Input and output of energy must be balanced to provide a healthy nervous system.

When you play, there is nothing but play energy throughout the system. When you focus on the positive, negativity cannot dominate in the system. Any practice of moving the body regulates the system. Sound therapy and music open channels to facilitate release. Mindfulness is practicing presence and awareness. Take responsibility for managing stress, and be intentional about your thoughts and actions.

Allow love to illuminate the path of wellness and give freedom to the process of letting go.

Bring joy, ease suffering and create beauty, then dance like you mean it!
Blessings, Russell

“The first step towards true enlightenment is to lighten up on yourself.”



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 Angel Whispers – Lighten Up!