Angel Whispers – Inflammation

As I start to write, it occurs to me that the whispers connect to a running theme. Each one in sequence with the story of our lives. Maybe that is why people message that the whisper felt like it was written for them personally. What came up this week was the word inflammation. So what’s the connection to last week? It is the regulation of our nervous system.

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Physical inflammation is the result of an injury that leaves your skin swollen and red as it heals. Internal inflammation can come from toxins in the environment. Usually there is pain involved. My inquiry today is around emotional inflammation. All I have to do is look outside my box that I call home to see a world in turmoil. That makes my stomach hurt (tee hee)! Seriously, emotional inflammation can be just as painful as any physical injury.

In the past three years, we have seen new terms used to describe forms of distress. Solastalgia, for example, is distress caused by environmental change. Racial-hatred fatigue, mass-shooting fatigue, scandal fatigue, compassion fatigue, war fatigue, and fatigue fatigue, to name a few. My tired is tired just thinking about my level of astonishment with what our culture experiences.

The most recent research suggests a rich negativity diet leads to system failure. Emotional inflammation leads to higher blood levels of interleukin-6, or chronic low-grade inflammation in the body. A 2018 study found that increased levels of C-reactive protein are associated with anxiety and panic disorder. This is another biomarker of inflammation. Our spirit can only handle so much! Let’s handle some calming energy with a whisper on the subject:

Emotional inflammation is influenced by external conditions, but carries an internal solution. One might limp from an ankle injury as a way to nurture and heal inflammation. Your spirit can do the same if given the opportunity. It takes a conscious effort to destress the spirit and soul into recovery from life in a harsh world.

The first step is to increase awareness. Your physical body will let you know something is wrong by using pain and discomfort. Before inflammation manifests into physical disharmony, become more aware of the subtle signs of dysregulation. Recognize the amount of negativity consumed to identify damaging consequences. By observing your moods throughout the day, you will better determine your ability to process energy.

Writing down your thoughts is therapeutic because it helps you process and release. Look up at the sky and consciously let go of your burdens. They are not yours to carry. Worry is a message that will remain constant unless you take action. Movement of the body always moves the energy. Ask for help from spirit helpers when facing any challenge. This is the same as saying I will not go it alone.

There is no need to search far to find beauty in the world. It is always found in nature. Small acts of kindness placed in an area of your concern bring fast relief. Volunteer for a cause to feel peace of mind. Prioritize life to experience what is important. Replace distress with a healthy dose of inspiration. Live a meaningful life in the search for love illuminated.

Bring joy, ease suffering and create beauty, then dance like you mean it!
Blessings, Russell

“You know what truly aches? Having so much inside you and not having the slightest clue of how to pour it out.”
Karen Quan



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 Angel Whispers – Inflammation