Angel Whispers – Dragon

The Chinese New Year is marked by the second new moon after the winter solstice. It all started with an ancient poem telling the story of 12 mythical animals. Each one descended from the heavens in celebration of the coming of spring. The 12 stations along the path to the sun mark the Cosmos with a dozen unique signs. To celebrate, houses are cleaned to remove bad luck. In the 10 days prior to the Lunar New Year, the people of China open their homes to goodwill and good luck.

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Chinese folklore describes a hideous beast named Nian that descends on the Earth to cause death and destruction. Fortunately, this behemoth is afraid of the color red (tee hee). Loud noises, fireworks, and lanterns give off this color to frighten Nian away. The energy around what to expect for the year is determined by the spirit of the Zodiac symbol for each animal. This year we have dragon energy, which is one of my favorites!

The dragon is an ancient, wise, and powerful spirit that responds to your energy. If you sit quietly, expressing calm serenity, you will draw this powerful spirit closer. A guardian of treasures, the dragon is known for bringing good luck and fortune. Dragons are connected to water, bringing forth the feminine strength of nurturing protection. This is starting to sound like a previous whisper (Eight) on the energy for this year. Speaking of whispers, let’s listen for the breath of the dragon who whispers on the energy of the new year:

Most ancient cultures were in touch with the movement of the planets, the sun, and the stars. Vibrations are cyclical in their patterns of natural return. Moving to the edges of time and circling back, the nature of the Universe is revealed to those who watch and listen. Patterns can be stable enough to bring features of energy that are predictable.

Dragons have deep connections to the mystical. They carry a message of awakening and transformation. They are shapeshifters, here to remind you of your power to redefine life. This is a message for those of you who are experiencing conflict. It’s time to face your challenges with renewed determination. A current obstacle and the perception of threat are illusions of the past. You have the strength and protection of guardians waiting for your beck and call.

Fear is a normal reaction to situations that are uncomfortable. It will take your willingness to draw from the well of spiritual connection. If it feels personal, that’s because what you’re feeling is real. Self-realization requires that you see the mastery from within that is now your most coveted truth. The dragon holds a mirror for you to see the courage and virtues that you have cultivated. You are most powerful when standing in the light of reflection.

The treasure you are protecting is that which you hold close to your heart. Truth illuminates when awakening the dragon within. Dragon energy represents human consciousness with powerful wings used to take flight. From the higher perspective, you can destroy any toxic thoughts that occupy your mind. This is a time to experience freedom of flight toward the new horizons of wisdom, love, and the power to create. The sleeping giant has awakened.

Bring joy, ease suffering and create beauty, then dance like you mean it!
Blessings, Russell

A Dragon doesn’t surrender. A Dragon fights fate. This is not some loud, roaring feeling. It feels more like someone blew on an ember and found a slight orang glow. I have to hang on to my life—however ruined and useless. Lisa See



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 Angel Whispers – Dragon