Angel Whispers – Permanent Soulution

Most of you know I like to play with words. During a recent exchange, I found myself making a typo. Instead of permanent solution, I wrote permanent soulution. Now my Word Spell is correcting solution with the word soulution. (tee hee) What a happy accident! The inquiry was about a reading my client received from her expert healer. In question was the information regarding a being from another dimension interfering with her health. She believed her children were a target as well. To me, the problem is with information that helps form a victim mentality.

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My discomfort stems from giving information that runs counter to that from another intuitive. Plus, if it is someone she trusts, my position comes into question. Any response could negatively impact trust between two people and lead to confusion. I usually stay away from such traps when called into service. In this case I needed careful discernment on how to communicate without calling BS on her trusted friend and healer.

Guidance came in the whispers calling for gentle nudging without judgment. I gave my interpretation of information with a suggestion. Ask your healer for a permanent solution, I wrote. This is where the typo occurred. I was struck by the new term with a vibration of warmth and light. In that vibration, I found what felt like the permanent soulution. Once again, a simple inquiry opened channels for a creative process to appear. In searching for soulful resolution, I turned to the whispers from a divine light and received an answer. Let’s do that together today:

For a solution to be permanent, the root cause must be addressed. At a soul level, there is always a force that provides momentum to move beyond the struggle. Any continuation with an underlying problem without fundamental change calls for action. To find meaning and fulfillment in life requires facing the struggle. If the issue is interference from another dimension, the solution can rest behind a thin veil of deception.

A compromise can bring temporary relief until there is a permanent resolution. Lasting results begin with an individual accepting full responsibility. Most processes leading to a permanent soulution begin with shining a light on the inner landscape. Collaboration with an expert can help shine that light on the root cause. At some point the external search must turn inward to truly access the cure.

Problems will usually surface as a symptom. A constant focus on treating the symptom often distracts from the root cause. With any type of conflict, there is a call to clean things up. Mentally, the tendency is to stick with what is familiar. This can lead to a natural resistance to any alternative. Now there is a boundary between the sense of preservation and the opportunity to learn. We have defined the character of natural resistance to resolving deep inner conflict.

Most permanent solutions require a process that pushes beyond what is familiar. This is the true nature of empowerment: moving beyond the grasp of a struggle to find the root cause, then taking action toward the eternal resolution. The two opposing fixations are related to victim and empowerment. Your deepest inquiry has an answer from within. Ask for the permanent soulution and listen for the whispers from within. There you will find the answer.

Bring joy, ease suffering and create beauty, then dance like you mean it!
Blessings, Russell

“The only permanent solution to your problems is to go inside and let go of the part of you that seems to have so many problems with reality. Once you do that, you’ll be clear enough to deal with what’s left.
Michael A. Singer



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 Angel Whispers – Permanent Soulution