Angel Whispers – Hearing Voices

Have you ever wrestled with the issue of hearing voices? Well, I have (tee hee). I ask for the energy to voice every week! Seriously, I have worked with many people who struggle with hearing voices. When the voices become negative, it can be very concerning. What if you tell someone about the voices? But what if you don’t tell anyone? That second option might not be the best strategy The voices tend to become louder and more toxic when ignored.

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One person’s story began with childhood trauma. As an adult, the details were long forgotten and hidden from plain view. A lapse in memory is our unique human protective mechanism. But one of life’s stressors unlocked the energy and it began to voice. Once it got loud enough and mean enough, she could no longer manage the issue. After seeing a doctor, she was placed in a facility and tagged with psychosis and mental illness.

Medications modified the voice, but it still broke through. The problem was not being solved. Mental illness did not resonate, so she took action. She confronted the voices in a kind, non-threatening way. What she discovered was the voices simply wanted to be heard. Something inside her was too painful to consciously access, so the energy emerged so she could face it. Did she have any insight to offer that could oppose the voice? The result was her confession that silenced the voices. It seems rather strange that at this point I would be asking for a voice in my head! But I am confident the whispers we seek today are from the loving light:

Your breath is like the wind. It animates the world around you. Full deep breathing activates the positive life-force energy, calling forth the love you seek. Short surface breathing calls from a place of the fear you felt when threatened. A real threat or an imagined presage matters not. The emotion felt in a moment of your life experiences creates an impression on the psyche. This is where each person is faced with a choice and a battle of will from within.

You can choose for the experience to remain hidden beneath the layers of time. Or you can choose to expose your sense of what happened as a way to confront your feelings. It’s normal to resist facing the pain of the past. But you have to consider what happens to the energy when unattended for a period of time. Once the mark has been made, the energy becomes defined.

The ancient cultures knew this as an important aspect of character and authority. In Sanskrit, the Manipura was given as the name for the Solar Plexus. Manipura means the ‘Place of Gems’. Your soul sees the past trauma as a shiny object that resides in your energy field. The imprint is attracting the attention of your spirit. Eventually, the energy takes on a form that is independent in movement, acting with intelligence. It will know everything about you. Under stress, the energy can voice in a way that is experienced as negative self-talk. Asking you to harm yourself or others is one level of distorted energy assimilating in the mind.

Silence is the suppression that creates resistance fueling the energy within. Speak to a trusted friend or counselor to dissipate the energy. Yes, this will bring the pain of the past to the surface, but that is necessary for release. Give that part of you the compassion of a heart filled with love. Facing your past illuminates the exhilaration felt by your soul while descending to Earth.

Bring joy, ease suffering and create beauty, then dance like you mean it!
Blessings, Russell

“When you identify hearing voices with illness and try to kill the voices with neuroleptic medication, you just miss the personal problems that lay at the roots of hearing voices – and you will not help the person solving those problems. You just make a chronic patient.”
Marius Romme



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 Angel Whispers – Hearing Voices