Angel Whispers – The Golden Mean

Aristotle gave us a lot to think about (tee hee)! He must have considered that cultivating virtues was a big part of our life mission. To achieve greater alignment with our core means being guided toward certain behaviors. Courage, honor, generosity, kindness, and other virtues could not be followed blindly. Aristotle seemed more interested in establishing what makes a person virtuous. His answer was excellent rational activity, or a person who was using reason well.

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The connection between using reason well and virtue was clear to Aristotle. He encouraged us to recognize that all virtues lie between two extreme states. The middle between excess and deficiency is where reason can lead to a better outcome. For example, confidence is between self-depreciation and arrogance. Between cowardice and recklessness is where you find courage.

His philosophy was that virtues do not lie in the exact middle. Instead, the so-called ‘golden mean’ is the sweet spot. One would find the golden mean closer to one extreme than the other. There is fluctuation related to every circumstance. The situation will reveal a mature, flexible, learnable position of excellence. Aristotle compared growing virtues to playing an instrument. If you never practice, you will never improve. Let’s practice together with a whisper on the golden mean:

The best actions are motivated with a sense of practical wisdom. By stepping out into the world and practicing being the best version of you, your golden mean becomes habitual. Awareness is needed to identify deficiency and excess in every expression of self. Even the middle ground of self-improvement depends on leaning toward the extreme desire for personal growth.

Every person and every situation is different. An inappropriate response to one circumstance could the only valid response to another. Being kind could be called for in one situation, but in another could lead to being taken advantage of. This is where reasoning and discernment are essential to the cultivation of virtues.

The golden mean is not about being perfect. It is quite the opposite. Reasoning helps to explain and accept certain character flaws. Virtues that are lacking, such as patience, tolerance, and courage, are fine in moderation. Impatience can lead to taking action. Fear can lead to avoiding danger. The golden mean explains how the middle is not exact. Leaning toward the extreme or the deficiency is taking a position.

Learning how to use reason well is practicing a virtue. To improve character, one must practice what others may see as a weakness. Being pulled in the opposite direction is one way to gain insight through reason. Understanding areas of deficiency minimizes the risk of misaligned behavior. Aiming for the golden mean is calculating the undesirable.

Awareness is always the first step toward positive change. It takes time to cultivate a virtue, so don’t be too hard on yourself. Step into the golden mean by accepting who you are right now. Illuminate areas of grey with the golden light of love.

Bring joy, ease suffering and create beauty, then dance like you mean it!
Blessings, Russell

“The golden ratio is a reminder of the relatedness of the created world to the perfection of its source and of its potential future evolution.” Robert Lawlor


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 Angel Whispers – The Golden Mean