Angel Whispers – Polarization

The polarized mind describes thought processes involving an absolute point of view. In the clutches of an unwavering belief, the mind becomes burdened by rigidity. Actions appear reckless, hateful, and vengeful. Such a state of mental conflict can disturb the otherwise peaceful vibe.

Ideology can used to create polarization and polarized groups. Organized groups exist to spread their collective trauma in the struggle for power and control. It’s easy to become disheartened in the face of widespread polarization. If you are anything like me, you have faced the challenge of remaining neutral. The questions around existence in a world we don’t understand go unanswered. The polarized energy sparks a sense of insignificance in a way that amplifies individual trauma.

Many of you have been on the spiritual journey seeking personal growth. Now is the time when the product of all that work is being called into action! Who said it was going to be easy? (tee hee) The greatest empires of the world have collapsed under the weight of one-sided ideologies. I don’t see much difference when it comes to the individual human empire. What must we do to combat the polarized mind? How can we thrive in the current climate of extremism? Questions rising means it’s time for a whisper on the subject of polarization:

The simple answer to all your questions is vibration. To evolve is to exist and vibrate in love. How can you match and maintain a vibration that is equal to the love you seek to manifest? How do you vibrate at the same rate as your evolved self? Without the polarized mind lowering your vibrations, your capacity to be vulnerable surfaces. Vulnerability is bold actions fueled by the courage to be bold. Alignment with core vibrations brings strength and stability.

With greater strength, you learn to recognize the person you have become. You might find you like that person. Vibrations synchronized with the core self lead to a slower pace in life. In that more natural flow comes discernment between fear-based propaganda and integrity. The polarized mind cannot exist with the creative expression of an open heart.

The hardest thing you face in your spiritual evolution is to act, express, live, and dance within the circle of all the things learned. Once you step outside that circle, you are asking the Universe to send someone who will fill the role of teaching you the same old lessons. That is so fatiguing and stressful. Both will diminish energy levels. When your energy levels aren’t optimum, lapses in judgment are inevitable.

You have to work hard keep up the good vibe. This is most often illuminated when you feel the least like doing your practice. You should be proud of the progress you experience daily on your spiritual journey. Acknowledge that sometimes you are still that innocent child. Whether it’s throwing a tantrum or chasing a butterfly in your dreams, you are simply a seeker at heart. When you reach this level of understanding, you find acceptance replaces judgment. Love will always find you, even in the depth of your darkness.


Bring joy, ease suffering and create beauty, then dance like you mean it!
Blessings, Russell


“The more polarized we become; the weaker humanity becomes.”
Donna Maltz



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 Angel Whispers – Polarization