Angel Whispers – True Love Doesn’t Hurt

During an Abraham-Hicks event, one participant had a burning question. He said, “I kinda promised I wouldn’t ask the question.”

“Who did you promise?” Esther Hicks asked.

“I mentioned to people, and they said, ‘Oh don’t’.” the man continued. “It’s a small question. Why do dogs risk getting bugs in their eyes sticking their heads out car windows?”

Esther didn’t hesitate to respond by saying, “Well, tell your friends you have asked the most profound question that has ever been asked. And you have given us the opportunity to give an answer we have waited a very long time to give. And that is because the contrast of the bugs in the eyes is a small price to pay for the exhilaration of that ride. It is exactly the same way you felt when you made the decision to come into this physical existence. It’s exactly the way you felt when you knew there would be contrast, and you said the ride was going to be worth it.”

This came to mind when someone recently stood firm by their belief that love hurts. But isn’t it the contrast that would lead us to believe this? Love heals and therefore cannot be blamed for our pain in life. Let’s get a contrast on the subject of love hurts:

Pain is a contrast that allows one to know the true value of love. Humans learn from the experience of polar opposites. So what opposes love? Guilt, blame, sadness, grief, anger, and the lower emotions that feel hurtful, when those emotions are perceived and experienced in a hasty manner. In essence, it is the separation from love in all forms that causes hurt and pain. Separation from love can lead to putting up armor as a defense to avoid love, due to the perception that love has a natural or inescapable association with pain.

True love protects with an enduring energy that sets a person free. Pure love is without conditions because it is connected to divinity. A love that surpasses all other emotions is a constant source of vital energy transcending the energy of love from desire. Love lifts, inspires, and builds faith in a Light that is consistent, available, and eternal. Authentic love is beautiful and the reason for coming to Earth, which is to experience love in the physical body. Love does not exclude benefits for the physical, for it is all-inclusive as the glue that bonds all matter in the Universe.

A broken heart occurs from separation in the same way you were separated from the divine love that surrounded you prior to life in a physical dimension. Deep inside is a knowing of what love felt like before this incarnation. Love is the feeling of being home, surrounded by everything you know. Knowing is love; not knowing is fear and pain. Jesus walked on water to show the human species that each person could achieve a lightness of spirit and freedom from emotional pain through connecting with love. Feeling the freedom to be yourself and to be accepted wholeheartedly by those around you mirrors the embrace of divine love.

Humans are still learning lessons of the evolving soul. Until those teachings are fully realized, pain will provide the contrast that leads to knowing true love. As you move toward love, allow the contrast to occur without blame, without separation, and without the pain of suffering, by simply agreeing to see this ride as exhilarating.

Bring joy, ease suffering and create beauty, then dance like you mean it!
Blessings, Russell

“Love isn’t suppose to hurt. If it does, then it is absolutely not a true love.”  Edmond Mbiaka

 Angel Whispers – True Love Doesn’t Hurt