Angel Whispers – Zero-Point Energy

This term is also known as ground state energy. In the quantum world, zero-point energy is a byproduct. Its basis is the fact that subatomic particles don’t react like single particles. Instead they move in waves that rise and fall like the ocean tides. Every fluctuation requires energy at various levels. If we could harness the energy, we would have the power of several suns at our fingertips. The current hypothesis is energy flows into the Universe to mitigate the ability to capture the source.

The Nazis developed a program designed to harness the power. This is the stuff that makes for thrilling movies! (tee hee) Secret labs in Nepal and South Africa perfected the ZPE technology. It was an effort to build better bombs and irradiate pregnant women to create the master race. The swastika was replaced with the Black Sun motif. It became a symbol for the mystic energy source that would renew the Aryan race.

My interest in this subject is related to healing. When considering brainwave activity, zero-point energy is the most restful state. In a complete state of rest, healing and regeneration become a natural process. Researchers believe during cognitive activity the brain converts energy to ‘dark energy’. Dr. Marcus Raichle’s (an American neurologist) study of brain scans challenged the neuroscience assumption. His belief was that the resting brain leapt into action only in response to an external event. The ZPE of the brain “arises from spontaneous fluctuations in the blood oxygen level of the brain. The brain is never at rest, even when the senses slumber and the mind is at rest.” Let’s zen out and rest the brain in the search for a whisper on the subject of zero-point energy:

Meditation, regardless of form, benefits the body, mind, and spirit. The brain reaches alpha or theta brain-wave states during meditation. Meditation calms the central nervous system. A moment of lowered energy increases awareness, cognition, and metabolic functions. Zero-point energy cannot be attained as the human body is always calling for movement.

Time is suspended in a moment where stillness is discovered. The absence of stimuli creates a bubble where the external world cannot penetrate. Time is measured in micro-doses, and the human system shifts into slow motion. Touching the boundaries of another dimension brings potential from the mystery into focus.

Humans are perpetual motion creations. The overarching goal with healing is to avoid energy leaks. Trauma and stress lead to tears and fissures in the energy field. Healing involves closing those openings. This is not to erase what happened, but to integrate the experience. Instead of asking why you had the experience, search for the blessing that followed. Heal the spirit through attaining a balance with the story of your life.

Dark energy exists to reveal illumination of life. Don’t let the background noise drown the whisper from the heart. The sun is always there, even when hidden from view. Zero-point energy is a lack of input or output during a moment of connection to divine love. From such a place, healing manifestations are possible beyond imagination.

Bring joy, ease suffering and create beauty, then dance like you mean it!
Blessings, Russell

“One square yard of the zero-point field contains enough energy to boil all the water in the world.” – Ellyn Davis


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 Angel Whispers – Zero-Point Energy