Angel Whispers – Virtual Healing

Part of the beauty of my work is being a witness to a Universal intelligence. Tapping into the fount of intuitive wisdom and channeling information in a moment of silent reception sometimes offers something that seems completely unrelated to the work with a client (tee hee). You never know when a download from spirit will occur, which always adds to the mystery.

It was in the middle of a crystal bed experience that a vision opened up. I felt like some portal appeared with a possible glimpse into the future. Looking through a timeless window allowed me to access a vision that was amazing! I saw a person lying on a table with some type of virtual viewing device on their eyes. Another person seated next to them was operating a computer. The patient was watching a program with visuals related to their specific disharmony.

The feeling that went with the experience was uplifting to the soul. To think that we could use technology in a way that enhanced a person’s natural ability to heal seemed logical and easily doable. Let’s get a whisper on the future of virtual reality as a tool for healing:

What you witnessed was one of many possibilities. The future is accessible to those willing to suspend all limiting thoughts and beliefs long enough to access the information. Your world is evolving rapidly as technological advances. Every single invention will begin with a thought or a vision, so it is up to humans to act on those inspired moments.

What you refer to as virtual healing is similar to the effect of a placebo. Faith healing requires faith, so the future of maintaining a balance with regard to wellness of the body, mind, and spirit will also be anchored in faith. The refusal to believe in the natural ability to heal is a form of resistance supported by individual free will. Those who are hungry for power have used human belief systems to gain some type of market control, leading to great suffering.

The creation of separation through an ego-structured system has led to a society of people who depend on individualism for survival. Each person must be in charge of themselves in order to thrive and survive. Communities have been created, but tribes have been lost, and working in harmony as a group is under the control of countries, religion, and corporations that are dependent on each individual paying into a system that is less than cohesive.

Technology can bring people together or bring destruction, but for those working in the positive, virtual healing devices can be invented and used to boost the faith of many. Being able to visualize the problem and see desired results can serve to complement traditional healing practices and create a distance from practices of the past. Those who seek to gain from the suffering of others will naturally resist, so it will be up to each of you to stand united in face of adversity. Loving your fellow human can lead to healing a species and a planet.  

Bring joy, ease suffering and create beauty, then dance like you mean it!
Blessings, Russell

“In their quest for the 'real moment' some expect to grab hold of the singular instant that feels like a journey between the past and the future, between the land they know and a land they don't know. In their pursuit they hope to encounter that 'genuine' moment, that frail child of the fleeting time that leaves a scar in the memory.”   Erik Pevernagie 

 Angel Whispers – Virtual Healing