Angel Whispers – Construct

A construct is a system of ideas containing various conceptual elements. A construct is more subjective than based completely on evidence. We develop our own constructs to help see how this crazy world works. In doing so, we make sense out of our experiences. Intuition uses a construct the way a scientist utilizes a theory.

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We can begin to hypothesize a particular construct with applications to life. The construct becomes useful for predicting an outcome. If the prediction is correct, we know that construct is useful. Now we are confident of using it in the future. History tells us the Universal vibrations form repeating patterns. Repetition plays a central role in construct theory. Constructs are helpful with personal growth because they reflect our experience.

The world is interesting in the way we experience life as individuals. For example, I might be inclined to give a stranger a ride. Someone else would say I just picked up a serial killer. It’s the same event, the same reality, but our mental constructs create opposing viewpoints.

Life is an experiment. From our experiences, we reach conclusions that form attitudes, beliefs, and perceptions. Most conclusions come from those pesky parts of us known as feelings. My granddaughter gets so annoyed when I get her into those! (tee hee) Constructs form the lens through which we view the world. We form a hypothesis, then test it. If the outcome is as predicted, the construct is refined for future use. If the prediction fails, we might abandon the construct altogether. Let’s see if the angelic construct delivers on the focus of our inquiry:

Constructs are a helpful tool in the search for understanding various aspects of life. Organization of conceptual information illuminates the best path to take, especially during times of uncertainty. Most constructs use opposing ideas, which means you are using intuition to choose a position. Individuality provides the nature of using constructs as they relate to personal experience. Differences provide the energy of engagement.

Faith helps form constructs that support spiritual integrity. Alignment with higher vibrations comes from experiences with divine elements. Lower vibrations give the choice to push away from something negative. With each experience, your position comes with greater clarity. This is the value of using constructs for growth and personal development. Your action defines the level of commitment to truth, integrity, and personal evolution.

History has the tendency to repeat. Constructs help with understanding that becomes the leverage needed to change a pattern. Negative and positive vibrations form the opposing side to every equation. You can make choices by feeling resonant frequencies. Constructs help organize sensing whether something resonates as true or false.

Constructs combine several elements. Thoughts provide the inquiry. Emotions offer a vibration. Trust adds the element of faith. Belief is the desire to fulfill dreams. Attitudes bring discernment. Love is the energy that organizes all the elements and motivates the defining action.

Bring joy, ease suffering and create beauty, then dance like you mean it!
Blessings, Russell

“Justice is a social construct. It’s well known that the physical universe isn’t fair. Nevertheless, it’s difficult to decide which is more provoking: good people suffering or evil people prospering.”
Susan Cartwright

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 Angel Whispers – Construct