Angel Whispers – Coping

Coping mechanisms are behaviors and cognitive efforts that help manage or reduce stressors in life. Modern literature would identify two types of coping styles. The first is a problem-solving style of coping. This is a mental approach to controlling the outcome in order to lower stress. An example might be planning a route that makes my drive to a destination less stressful. I meticulously plan a drive through the country to avoid the stress of traffic, but I end up behind a slow-moving semi on a curved. no-passing road in the middle of nowhere. What I learn from this style of coping is that I cannot control the desired outcome.

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The second type is an emotion-focused style of coping. Tolerating someone or something can be a strategy used to protect my emotional self. I’m getting angry and stressed behind the slow truck and cannot pass. To cope, I decide to use the time to reflect on why I chose this route. Maybe I pull off the road to journal about my feelings (ha ha – don’t think so – that isn’t my style of optimizing). Okay, I turn on soft spa music to calm and relax my nervous system.

If I combine emotional coping with cognitive coping, I get meaning-focused coping. I will use my spiritual beliefs to lower the stress! As I reflect on the meaning of being stuck behind the semi, I will use a story to lower my stress. Okay, it was karma that led me to the present moment to teach me a lesson! No wait! It was my spirit guides, messaging me to slow down. Smell the roses and enjoy the ride! Giving meaning to the moment with such stories balances thoughts and emotions. My search for meaning leads me to examining my core beliefs. Along the same line, let’s examine coping with a whisper from spirit:

Think of coping as it relates to awareness. You might face a problem on the job with an all-business approach. Dealing with the issue carries a level of stress equal to a work-based level of awareness. Now consider facing a problem with similar stressors while doing a hobby you love. Your approach would be from an awareness connected to playfulness.

Coping mechanisms can both protect you and limit your experience. Learning discernment that leads to empowerment is for seeking enlightenment. Holding the balance between adaptive and maladaptive behavior is key to growth. The mind and spirit work best when in harmony, especially while facing intense energy.

A person who has no boundaries can experience the same level of imbalance as someone with too many filters. Coping with stress through elimination can be effective, unless taken to the extreme. Spiritual bypassing occurs with the absence of judgment justified by religious or spiritual constructs. Thoughts are the science behind the ability to make accurate judgments. Reading energy is the art form.

Living in balance and harmony heightens awareness. Seeking total escape from negativity leads to bypassing reality. Each person must come to terms with the reality of existing in a world full of conflict. Understanding is forgiveness. Forgiveness builds the courage to cope with a harsh world. Seeing your own potential for growth is challenging. Combine the awareness of play with the strength of core beliefs. Finding love for all aspects of life is the best coping strategy.

Bring joy, ease suffering and create beauty, then dance like you mean it!
Blessings, Russell

“If you aren’t in over your head, how do you know how tall you are?”
T.S. Eliot


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 Angel Whispers – Coping