Angel Whispers – Disempower

I was having an exchange with one of my most favorite human beings on the planet. Our discussions revolve around business and his unique talent as one of the greatest lapidary artists in the world. They often start around some business-related issue, then lead us out into the Cosmos (tee hee). A master in the art of communication with crystals, my friend usually arrives in an elevated position with his outlook on work and life. That’s the part I love the most!

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On this day, we were discussing the technical specifications, scientific information, and spiritual aspects of Vogel cut crystals. Something came out of his mouth that landed hard and stuck with me. He was sharing the sense that such information could actually be disempowering. After all, it is the energy of human consciousness that is the key when working with a double-terminated wand for energy healing. Some get a little grippy on the need for exacting crystal cuts. In other words, they give away their power to the information.

Disempower is defined as to deprive of power, authority, or influence, to make weak, ineffectual, or unimportant. What my friend was saying is that following a rigid set of rules can oppose empowerment. This makes me question how one’s mind creates thoughts that disempower. What forces can deprive a person of their power? How does the influence of one authority weaken another? Can a spiritual teaching empower and disempower, depending on the individual? The questions are stacking up, which means it’s time for a whisper on the subject:

Disempowerment occurs when trust in self dissolves. External and internal energies influence disempowerment. An internal energy might include the emotion of fear or feelings of insecurity. The example might be that a non-exacting cut on the crystal makes the user less effective. External energy might include usurping free will. An example would be a power-based relationship where one person dominates another to the point of submission.

The way a person decides who or what represents the higher authority will determine the level of personal empowerment. Each present moment becomes an influence with respect to emotions, thoughts, and patterns of behavior. Past perception of failure can create psychological conditioning of mental processes. Confidence is instrumental to avoiding disempowerment.

Balanced masculine and feminine energies are key to personal responsibility. Too much emphasis on placing limitations can create a gap between the mental process and intuition. Spiritual teachings, science, and academics are the greatest tools for building discernment. The pitfall is the loss of instinct due to overwhelming information.

Whispers from the natural elements of the Earth can guide actions that lead to great discoveries. Higher awareness comes from getting in touch with nature, which in turn reflects your inherent nature as an individual. Truth has many levels and layers to explore on the human journey. Become aware of that which distorts the truth through unrestricted thinking. To think outside a teaching is to feel within the present moment, which is stepping into your power. Move toward love and away from disempowerment.

Bring joy, ease suffering and create beauty, then dance like you mean it!
Blessings, Russell

“A world immersed in fear is the people disempowered. A world embraced by love is the empowerment of the people.” Ray A. Davis



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 Angel Whispers – Disempower