Angel Whispers – Succinct

Now more than ever, we feel the pressure to be succinct. All the marketing gurus, motivational speaking coaches, website builders, and writer training courses are saying the same thing: You only have a few seconds to get someone’s attention, and even less time to hold onto their focus. Our world is wired for short bites of information. To be succinct, I must communicate with compact precision, expressing without wasted words.

Succinct means short and to the point. The word stems from the Latin succingere, “to tuck up.” I think it also means “to text” (tee hee). As I write the whispers, my first pass often brings the realization I used too many words. Another issue confronting the writer inside is the ultimate question, What am I trying to say? Using too many words or not enough can be a sign of my own insecurity.

So are we living in such a fast-food society that there is less chance to communicate effectively? If so, this would indicate technology is moving faster than human evolution. Or have we evolved to a point where we need fewer words to convey a message? The questions are adding up, so that means it’s time for a concise message from an unlikely source on the subject of succinct:

There are many choices when it comes to effective communication. The written word is one of the more unique models created by humans. It is an art form that depends on many elements to accurately convey a message. Without using tones or body language to express, interpretation can easily vary. Direct communication leaves less room for guesswork.

With new technologies come new ways of learning. As humans evolve, focus will shift to using fewer words. The need to be brief and to the point grows with intuition, knowledge, and understanding. As a subject broadens, opportunities increase for opposing opinions to emerge. A bias will give less meaning to the written word for some and will appeal to others.

Not using enough words can lead to confusion, while too many can lead to a loss of interest. The key is finding the sweet flow, like the artist wields the brush. Leave it open for interpretation without losing your message in the process. Paint the picture coming from your mind by writing the wisdom from your heart. keep from getting lost in the structure by immersing yourself in the natural flow of the energy around the subject.

The best message is precise, easy to read, and with a pace that captures the imagination. It’s not so much about quantity as it is quality. It’s easy to force the energy around all communication. The key is being in touch with the timing. Your spirit is connected to all forms of creative expression. It’s up to you to allow the natural flow of spiritual energy to be your guide. Remember, the language of love opens the heart and mind.


Bring joy, ease suffering and create beauty, then dance like you mean it!
Blessings, Russell


“If you can say it in a paragraph, don’t write a book.”
Frank Sonnenberg


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 Angel Whispers – Succinct