October 10, 2019

Excellent! like always.

After my sessions with russell i feel more calm as his answers make me feel better.

Customer since July 2014

Good experience, comfortable setting

October 10, 2019

I had a great experience, felt calmness afterwards. Learned a lot about myself, past and future. The crystal light bed was very relaxing.

Customer since May 2020


October 10, 2019

I’d been seeing Russell on and off for years. I always get the healing I need.

Russell is so open-spirited that I talk from my heart and know he’ll believe me.

Customer since August 2009

Awesome Healer!

October 10, 2019

I have a lot of healing to do. I decided to try energy healing instead of massage therapy. I have received more healing and answers in one session that can’t compare. I wish more people were open to energy healing. It’s pretty radical stuff.

Customer since June 2015

Compassionate Intuitive Healer

October 10, 2019

Russell is a very compassionate intuitive healer. He is guided by Angelic knowledge of energies, vibrations, aura’s and how the body reacts to them. Through this guidance he advises you on what is going on in the physical and/or mental body, helping you to understand as he receives and gives you Angel Guidance. When you feel something is off in your body or mind, it usually is and an energy healing session can make a world of difference. I highly recommend Russell!

Customer since August 2015

Great intuitive reader and healer!

October 10, 2019

Russell was very knowledgeable about energies, vibrations and the body. He was able to tell me what aspects of my life and body I needed to focus on and cleanse. I ended my session with clarity and recommended exercises to clear my spirit. I highly recommend him!

Customer since February 2018

Experiencing a better feeling of Life itself!

October 10, 2019

My body feels like never before. The feeling of love is unexplainable, like everything around me seems more bright than before. I feel myself balancing out in a good way. My emotions don’t feel scattered everywhere like before the session. Have more control of my emotions and thinking. I recommend everyone A session with Russell, if the every individual in our world at least had one session with him, I guarantee it’ll be a way better place.

Customer since September 2019

Healing for the Heart, Body, Mind and Soul!

October 10, 2019

I was referred to Russell by a friend who is a therapist. We needed help with our daughter who was having screaming fits and all of our other conventional and alternatives therapies were not helping. After one remote session the screaming fits stopped and our daughter felt more centered. Russel continues to work with her, gentling bringing more grounding and confidence to her. I began seeing him myself for PTSD and pain. Each session has been amazing, bringing in more peace and releasing pain.

Customer since January 2016

Telephone Angel Reading and Energy Reading

October 10, 2019

Customer since January 2018


October 10, 2019

Russell has been such a great help to me. He is so tuned in and gentle and loving. I am so grateful for the wealth of knowledge he shares and his patience in helping me better understand my body, mind and soul. Russell, thank you for your healing work. Much love. Anne Shackelford

Customer since May 2013

Words of Wisdom

October 10, 2019

As always, talking with Russell brings light on whatever I am processing. This time I had a 30 minute call with him which ended with my personal affirmations, intuition and goals fully present. I recommend anyone needing further insight on anything to check in with Russell and or Beckie!

Customer since April 2011

1 Hour Session

January 12, 2018

Always fun and informative. I see Russell when I need guidance I am unable to obtain elsewhere. When I left I knew what needed to be done yet would allow my intuition to provide confirmation.

Customer since March 2014

Amazing experience

January 10, 2018

I’ve knew Russell and Beckie from years ago when we worked together. But hadn’t seen them in 30 years and it was a total surprise to me when I showed up at my appointment and they were “that Russell and Becky.” The experience was amazing and I left the session feeling lighter than I had in years. Spirituality and getting the mind and body aligned is my recent quest and I’m thankful for serendipity and how the universe led me back to their door.

Customer since January 2018

Long Time Client

January 5, 2018

I think I have been seeing Russell for ten years, maybe once a year. His counsel is part of what I do to maintain spiritual and emotional growth. I have to say that his whispers and nudges have been instrumental in my life and living into my truest and best self.

Customer since November 2011

Professional to professional, Russell is amazing

January 4, 2018

Russell’s genius is incomparable. As a fellow fellow intuitive coach and spiritual practitioner, my discernment level is high. Sometimes we can’t see what is closest to us, although we may have insight for others. Russell spoke lovingly and incisively to the issue I came with and resolution was almost immediate. Truly a master. I highly recommend him.

Customer since December 2017

Kind, insightful, caring beyond words!

December 19, 2017

Russell is a wonder! He’s filled with love, and helps with all sorts of issues, from physical to emotional. Every time I–or any of my friends–have seen him, we have found great improvement!

Customer since April 2017

So grateful for Russell

December 14, 2017

Russell is such a kind, caring and compassionate soul, his smile also makes you smile ? which is needed for someone in chronic pain. Russell really takes the time to listen to your needs in order to come up with a solution to meet those needs and really goes above and beyond! I would highly recommend Russell and I’m forever grateful for all the help he has given me thus far ??

Customer since June 2017

It's a joy seeing Russell work

November 23, 2017

I brought my daughter when she started sharing her gifts with me. Russell guided her gently to understand and explain in a way that put her at ease. I’ve studied with Russell for a couple of years, but I’m always surprised how he approaches each situation with just the right perspective. Thank you Russell

Customer since November 2017


November 22, 2017

Russell blew me away with his clear seeing and accurate assessments. I have seen many psychic/healers and this was probably the most profound session I have experienced. I plan to continue to work with him for certain.

Customer since November 2017

Always great feedback and info

November 15, 2017

I really resonated with what Russell had to impart to me in this session. Lots of good confirmations and even some new info with interesting twists. Russell also had some recommendations for me for some help with my health issues. Great session.

Customer since May 2014

A true blessing

October 27, 2017

I had felt I was losing my grip in life. Thanks to the healing aspects of Russell’s kindness, guidance and Crystal Bed, I feel centered and more focused. So appreciative that God led me to Russell.

Customer since May 2014

It is always a joy for me to speak with Russell or Beckie.

October 18, 2017

Just the thought of naming that connection. Brings comfort when I have burning questions. I appreciate knowing then and the work they do. Blessings. Carole.

Customer since June 2015

An investment in happiness, growth and peace

September 24, 2017

I’ve been to a handful of energy healers and therapists. Russell’s insight, skill and depth set key pieces in place that weren’t in the skill set of other healers. One week after my session with Russell, I feel better than I ever have, with a depth of self-understanding that has already created significant positive shifts in my life. I feel 25x more inspired toward self-care, peace, and receptivity toward the goodness of life. Even my diet has intuitively shifted. Transformational!!

Customer since September 2017

Amazing Attention and Ability to See Energy

September 21, 2017

Russell has a very professional set up. I also felt very welcomed and safe. He was able to be with me throughout all the parts I was working on. I has a fine tuned capacity to feel and see aura’s. He helped me realize I need to stop holding mine in. I felt welcomed into a little safe nest at his home office. I loved his healing table and guided meditation spirit release!

Customer since September 2017

Clarity in a Time of Grief

September 18, 2017

Russell is the big dog when it comes to dealing with death of a loved one. Other mediums had simplistic things to say, but I kept seeking til I got to Russell. He shone light on a swapped soul fragment between my loved one and her assailant. For 30 years, I loved this person–but I always sensed this menacing element in our interactions: a sudden flash of harshness, criticism, and even cruelty. Russell’s vast knowledge and discernment has helped me grieve both her death and our loss in life.

Customer since February 2013

Help in healing the soul

September 18, 2017

Russell has been wonderful in helping me integrate my soul fragments and in helping me gain a better understanding of my true nature. He is a beautiful soul, as is Becky. I felt safe and immediately can feel energies moving through me when I sit down with him. It is undeniable that he has a special gift!

Customer since July 2017

A truly empowering and wonderful healing experience

September 13, 2017

Russell was absolutely lovely. I didn’t quite know what to expect & all expectations were met and exceeded! Russell provided so much insight & wisdom, gentle, kind, thoughtful advice and a true understanding of who I am. After what he shared I was inspired to keep moving forward with all I am creating in my life. I can totally see how working w/Russell on a regular basis could truly transformation anyone’s life and I know I’m in the process of that myself & am hoping to come back for more soon!!

Customer since September 2017

Exceptional Healing Experience

September 13, 2017

Russell has not only done an exceptional job in my healing journey he has also healed my family as a whole. The work he has done with me, my children and my husband has been amazing. My husband’s PTSD and anxiety is almost no existent. He is currently on a 60 day workshop/training with other veterans out of state which he would have never been able to do with out Russell’s healing. This is highly recommended for families dealing with a loved one who is suffering with same or similar issues.

Customer since January 2017

The Best Healer

September 2, 2017

Russell is very intuitive and is an amazing healer. No matter what your issues are he’s the man that can help you. I had a phone healing session with him and I feel so much better. I have been seeing him for the past year or so and I have also had the crystal bed experience. Seriously it’s a must try! And I downloaded on the his website, the crystal bowl therapy sounds for meditation … very relaxing and it helps me a lot! Thank you!! 🙂

Customer since August 2015

Life Changing

August 17, 2017

My experience with Russel’s soul retrieval session was amazing! Deep generational healing took place. Russel’s ability to hold the space and create the trust, as well as, is knowing of what needs to be done and doing it with grace, opened the way for the miraculous. If you feel led to Russel, I encourage you to say, “Yes” and watch your life become more beautiful.

Customer since August 2017

Insight and Tranquility

August 16, 2017

Second time visiting Becky. She is an amazing healer. I always have the biggest life insights under the her amazing sound baths in conjunction with the table. She is truly a gifted person and wonderful guide!

Customer since August 2015

Still the best

August 15, 2017

As always very helpful in all areas of life. I am a returning customer of many years. I have helped countless number of loved ones and family through Russell. I get a lot of insight on questions that sometimes have no other way of being answered. I will continue to work with Russell to keep improving in all aspects of myself and my surroundings:) Forever thankful

Customer since October 2011

Gentle, Safe, and Powerful

August 15, 2017

I’ve had 2 sessions with Russell so far and several of my close friends have too. My life is changed forever! I feel incredibly grateful for the breakthroughs I’ve had. And extra grateful that they’ve felt super gentle and safe. Russell is a talented healer who practices the highest level of discernment regarding what to share with clients and what might be too upsetting. Be aware that this is serious business, and you may need a period of recovery after some treatments. Will definitely go back!

Customer since June 2017

The Best

July 26, 2017

By far has been the best experience I have been through. After the healing session I felt relaxed, less worried. I have faith he helped me and will bring peace for me. Russell is hands down the best!

Customer since July 2017

He's the real deal

July 12, 2017

I urge you to have a session with this wonderful light worker.. You will be blown away. And he will save you so much time, energy, money etc. Spirit knows no distance, so if you can’t make it to see him, then book a phone session. He helps you organize the chaos that comes with being human. He is a perfect spirit guide full of love and authenticity. He has a huge knowledge base and his passion for helping is evident.

Customer since June 2017

It was great!

July 6, 2017

Thanks for working on me and it was a pleasure being with you again. I think what you did on Thursday had an effect on that DFE that is on me. You said it should go away I am believing on that and hoping it will to end this saga. I want to learn more from you so if anything I would like to be able to have you as a mentor so I can learn what your perceptions are of the world and Hopefully I can learn finally what I am up against and know what exists in this world. I want to thank you for all!

Customer since February 2013

Excellent in depth energy work

July 5, 2017

Russell is a master healer who knows how to navigate the energy bodies and facilitate healing and very deep levels. He has a gentle presence that allows to feel at ease and is excellent at explaining the process of what’s happening and gauging the appropriate depth of healing he and his angelic/spirit guides are able to support you for your highest good.

Customer since June 2017

A Wise Guy

July 2, 2017

Yeah, I know, kind of a tongue in cheek title but here’s the deal: Russell listens deeply and his listening inspires a deeper listening of one’s self, one’s truth and one’s spirits. He is a kind a gentle guide and, yeah, a wise guy.

Customer since November 2011

What a blessing!

July 1, 2017

Russell was clear in his messages even with little information from us. He didn’t seem like several other intuitive readers who claim to help but in reality put you in an ongoing loop of revisits and other things. We were only expecting verbal session but he generously added his therapeutic light and energy treatment to our session. There’s something blissful about Russell’s personality that you’ll clearly feel if you’re a sensitive soul. We will revisit him soon.

Customer since June 2017

Simply on point, every time!

July 1, 2017

I check in with Russell quarterly, and have since 2011. He is simply incredible. His counsel has guided me through countless decisions professionally with outcomes that have surpassed my expectations! Thank you Russell!!!

Customer since February 2012

Powerful. Personalized. Prescient.

June 16, 2017

Receiving a session from Russell was wonderful and I’m so glad I took the time. Very beneficial. Russell’s energy is lovely and welcoming. The reading was extremely personal and revealed insights that I will be able to use for the rest of my journey. The light table session was a delight. Bathing in the gorgeous light and sound allowed my body and spirit to unwind, which is exactly what I was looking for. Highly recommend!

Customer since June 2017


June 13, 2017

Russell is a very sweet and wise person. He helped me with blockages I had in my chakras and really encouraged me. It was the best start to a 29th birthday. He gave me such good insight and I couldn’t be more thankful! I will definitely be going back to him! Thank you Russell!

Customer since May 2017

Russell is an amazing man, incredibly helpful!

June 10, 2017

I’ve had just one session with Russell so far and I can already see that he is an amazing man and loving, caring human. My session was incredibly helpful and I am very much looking forward to continuing to work with him. Thank you Russell 🙂

Customer since May 2017

Thank you, Russell.

June 8, 2017

Russell is my mentor, my therapist, my guru, my friend. He interprets His Angel Whispers for me in a clear, no-nonsense way that always gets to the heart of every issue. I visit him and his amazing Crystal Bed at least once a year for a ‘tune-up’, and always leave a better person for it.

Customer since May 2014

Thanks for introducing me to "Reluctant Hero"

June 3, 2017

My wife and I have been planning for a life transition for past five years now, and we are within a 6-months of this major life change and I’ve been FREAKED OUT! Enter my very astute wife to guide me through this rocky road with grace. She’s worked with Russell over a year; even gifting me a session. Well, I finally had a session on 6/2/17 and my life vision has remarkably shifted! Without a doubt, I’m calling Russell in the near future. Argentina, here we come, thanks Russell & Angels! 6-stars

Customer since February 2016

crystal bed work

June 2, 2017

I started working with Russell about 10 years ago and have been very pleased with his work with me. I highly recommend anyone who has any issues of any nature contact Russell and work with him. My results have been great. He knows what he is doing. I like his new crystal bed and felt very relaxed when doing a session. My wife and children have seen Russell too.

Customer since May 2017

Angel reading

May 3, 2017

It was a blessing to have Russell channel Energy Reading.Always his kind Energy and accuracy brings light and peace. Feeling Blessed!!! Xochitl Cordova

Customer since July 2014

Russell is always so helpful

April 11, 2017

I’ve been going to Russell for a few years now when I need insight in dealing with some of the issues that arise in my life. He is always spot on and has a good grasp of what is occurring. His connection with the Angels always leads me to the best options available in dealing with what is occurring. I always feel protected and Divinely guided after my session with Russell is complete. I highly recommend Russell to anyone that needs better understanding of what they are dealing with.

Customer since August 2014

Awesome service

April 5, 2017

I received great service from Russell. His service is very accurate, high energy, positive, and very uplifting. After my session with him I felt a huge weight lifted from me. The post service suggestions are very helpful. I highly recommend Russell professional service to anyone that need enlightenment and/or service in this area. Regards

Customer since April 2017

An Extraordinary Shaman in Austin

April 1, 2017

I called Russell in pieces as I has been suffering symptoms for many years and spent countless dollars and energy on healing. I had no idea what was wrong with me and was about to give up but his lovely wife Beckie seemed certain John could help. We did a Skype session in April of 2017 and to my amazement John zeroed in on the issue in a few short minutes. I felt an immediate improvement and realized I was in the Presence of a Master Shaman. I feel safer knowing Russell is on the planet.

Customer since March 2017