Angel Whispers – Annus Horribilis

Annus horribilis is a Latin phrase popularized by Queen Elizabeth. She used it in her speech on the 40th anniversary of her reign as queen. It was 1992, and the British royal family were the subject of controversy. Scandals and disasters had struck, like a fire in the castle. It was also the year of an unauthorized biography from Princess Diana. Annus horribilis entered the lexicon to describe a year of misfortune after the Queen’s speech.

Many might describe 2022 as an annus horribilis. Last year was the year of finding balance. Learning lessons around balance means facing extremes. It doesn’t seem fair, but we were never given a promise that life would be fair. After a couple of years in the pandemic, most started this year with an aversion to problems. I know I did! (tee hee)

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We have closed that chapter of our reign on the Earth. As we close the doors on the old life, new doors appear. The new year brings new beginnings, which means renewed energy. That’s the great thing about the new year – 2023 is a blank canvas. I’ll collect the brushes and paint, then try to gather inspiration. In the meantime, let’s connect for the first whisper of the year:

You are living in a time of transition between the ages. As described above, transitions can be challenging. The reason it feels so large is because the transformation occurring is affecting all of humankind. Transitions are affecting the entire human race. Each person is being called to take responsibility, align with integrity, collect wisdom, and take action.

Start the new year with the spirit of gratitude. There’s no need to create a list as a reminder. Feel grateful for life beyond anything the analytical mind will induce. If you can feel gratitude, you are getting in touch with your heart. You are also accessing a space where peace, happiness, and joy are natural states.

It is the year of the heart, and to explore this space, you will stand on a bridge. The bridge between the heart and the celestial mind is a place free of ego. This is where transcendental states lead to harnessing the power of the supernatural. Human desires are purified and the true nature of your purpose on this Earth is revealed. Extinguish the emotions that keep you submerged beneath perpetual intensity. Cleansing from past events is the duty of each person. This is accomplished by willfully letting go with gratitude for the experience.

The ego mind is proficient at denying one’s own reality. Don’t think about the reason for doing something. Choose to sweep away the limiting thoughts and beliefs without any direct experience. Your heart is your most trusted guide when it comes to rising above the obstacles in life. Let your heart sing with gratitude to refine and redefine the Self. All the confusion, insecurity, and disappointment can melt away in an instant when you fan the flames of your own heart.

Bring joy, ease suffering and create beauty, then dance like you mean it!
Blessings, Russell

“Accept hardship as a necessary discipline.”
Lailah Gifty Akita

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 Angel Whispers – Annus Horribilis