Angel Whispers – Overchoice – Too Many Choices

Have you ever walked into a restaurant with a menu bound like a book? You open to several pages of choices for your meal. By the time you finish the hardbound copy, you’ve lost your appetite and leave (tee hee). I prefer a one-page, limited menu (tee hee). Either that, or tell me about the chef’s specials for the day.

The point is that too many options dilute the dining experience for some. I am impressed by the diversity, but not inspired by the sheer volume. In life, I often have the same experience. There are so many experiences on the menu, it’s hard to decide. It’s also hard to imagine that too many opportunities can dilute the focus. Distraction by too many opportunities might block the manifestation altogether! Too many choices make it harder to trust my decision. I see a tendency for less satisfaction in our high-volume, fast-paced world.

The thought that there was a better option missed can cause mental distress. Maybe you have faced the paradox of choice recently? I lean toward maximizing every outcome, which sets me up for disappointment. Organizing decision-making can help. Giving myself permission to miss an opportunity can smooth the decision-making process. Let choose a whisper from the menu through the silence surrounding an inquiry:

Freedom connects with decision-making. There’s usually one decision above all others that leads to greater freedom. The idea that more freedom comes from unlimited choices sounds very logical. The truth is, people are less likely to be happy with their decision if there are too many options. Imagine having seven sets of clothing, one for each day. You love the clothes and they fit you well. It would be hard to gauge the value. The greater sense of freedom from eliminating a daily decision might raise your level of happiness.

With advancements, humanity experiences the greatest number of choices imaginable. Even choosing a partner has led to dating apps that offer a plethora of choices. Those who are overly sensitive to making the best choice might struggle with too many options. Any idea that there could have been a better decision affects overall happiness.

Greater well-being comes from organizing focus on the goal. Self-determination bounded by constraint will lead to more discipline. Freedom comes from discipline, not from the lack of boundaries. Better boundaries lead to optimized functioning. In other words, knowing your likes and dislikes will make the large menu less daunting.

What holds true for one person might not fit another. There are those who can thrive with more choices. Options will impact people in a dissimilar fashion. The cost of opportunity is satisfaction or regret. Knowing what you want may not align with what is best. This is why clarity around the goals and intent is paramount when facing decisions.

Everyone must consider the importance of each decision. There is little reason for regret when consuming a meal. But when looking for a life partner, choosing a career, or deciding on a place to live, it will be easier if you practice limiting the choices. The key is balance.


Bring joy, ease suffering and create beauty, then dance like you mean it!
Blessings, Russell


“Learning to choose is hard. Learning to choose well is harder. And learning to choose well in a world of unlimited possibilities is harder still, perhaps too hard.”
Barry Schwartz


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 Angel Whispers – Overchoice – Too Many Choices